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Romance killers: what foods to cut out before and during a date
Romance killers: what foods to cut out before and during a date

Everyone knows that onions and garlic are not the best companions for a romantic meeting. But there are other cunning date killers out there.

Romance killers: what foods to cut out before and during a date
Romance killers: what foods to cut out before and during a date

1. Products affecting odor

These products can be divided into two camps: those that cause bad breath, and those that can change the odor of the whole body.

The first group includes onions and garlic, as well as some fish and certain types of cheese, such as sheep cheese.

The second group includes broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. They are capable of altering body odor due to their high sulfur content All you need to know about sulfur-rich foods / Healthline. Also, according to a study by J. Havlicek, P. Lenochova. The effect of meat consumption on body odor attractiveness / Chemical Senses The same goes for some exotic spices: curry and cumin.

2. Products that increase gassing

A serenade filled with your gut is unlikely to be able to seduce anyone. To avoid embarrassing musical experimentation, exclude the following Intestinal gas / Mayo Clinic products on the day of your romantic date:

  • legumes;
  • whole grains;
  • hard fruits;
  • carbonated drinks.

3. Foods and dishes that increase perspiration


Perhaps when you go out on a date you are looking forward to a hot sequel. But streams of sweat running down your face and body are unlikely to help make your dream come true.

In order not to provoke excessive sweating, adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Avoid Sweating (normal amounts): causes, adjustments, and complications / Healthline on overly spicy foods such as chili peppers and hot sauces.
  • Avoid very hot foods: boiling soups, hot drinks, and more.
  • For a romantic dinner, choose a location that's cool enough. Or at least not very hot.

4. Products are dirty

So that a romantic date does not end in dry cleaning, try to avoid dirty dishes and products. These include pasta with sauce (and in general dishes with sauces), dishes with tomatoes, as well as fried ribs and other food that is usually eaten with your hands.

5. Exotic products


A date is not the best time for gastronomic experimentation. Try not to consume anything you have never tasted before before or during the meeting: seafood, snails, raw meat dishes, or exotic fruits.

The reason for the ban is that you probably do not know how the body will react to unfamiliar food. An upset stomach, poisoning, or an allergic reaction can be an alternative to a pleasant evening.

6. Alcohol

Of course, a glass of wine on a date is fine. But if you do not want to share all the terrible secrets with an unfamiliar person you have views on, it is better not to abuse alcohol.

You should also be wary of carbonated drinks: beer, sparkling wine, champagne. They provoke a burp, which is not very romantic.

In addition, excess alcohol consumed on the eve of the meeting will leave an unpleasant smell and a general trace of fatigue on the face. Also not very attractive.

The choice of food before a romantic date should be approached as carefully as the choice of evening dress. Then not only the appetite will be pleasant, but also the time spent next to you.