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10 unusual ways to use wine and wine bottles
10 unusual ways to use wine and wine bottles

We share ideas for outdoor use - for beauty, cleaning and interior decor.

10 unusual ways to use wine and wine bottles
10 unusual ways to use wine and wine bottles

1. Build a fruit fly trap

Everyone has come across fruit flies at least once, which are not easy to breed. Wine will help in the fight against them. Pour some drink into a bowl or mug and place it where the pests fly. The smell of wine will attract insects into a trap, from where they can no longer get out.

2. Take care of your skin

Wine is made from fermented grape juice, which has a number of beneficial properties for the skin. Red grapes and wine contain the antioxidant resveratrol, which is often used in cosmetology and dermatology. It effectively fights aging, increases collagen concentration and protects against UV radiation.

Apply a small amount of red wine to your face for 10 minutes as a quick firming mask. You will immediately notice how soft it will become.

3. Make a natural fertilizer

Wine is created not only for people - plants like it very much too. To activate beneficial bacteria and create an effective soil fertilizer, simply add red wine to the compost. And get ready for a flurry of compliments from neighbors about your green space.

4. Prepare original jelly

If you want to please yourself, loved ones or guests with an unusual dessert, remember the recipe.


  • 1 glass of dry red wine;
  • 25 g gelatin;
  • 2 glasses of hot water;
  • ¾ glasses of sugar;
  • vanillin to taste.


Stir the sugar, gelatin, and water in a saucepan. Bring the syrup to a boil, stirring constantly, and then pour in the wine. Add some vanillin to taste if desired. Strain the syrup, cool slightly and pour into molds. Finished jelly can be garnished with fresh berries or an orange.

5. Get homemade vinegar

As wine ages, it slowly transforms from a delicious drink to a healthy vinegar on the farm. You may not like the smell in your house, but try leaving a bottle of wine three-quarters or less open for a few weeks. Voila! You now have a fancy homemade vinegar.

6. Marinate meat

Scientists from the University of Porto concluded that steeping beef in red wine for at least six hours reduces the amount of heterocyclic amines in meat. These compounds are formed when frying and can increase the chances of developing cancer.

By the way, beer marinade works the same way, only the meat needs to be soaked for four hours.

7. Properly store high boots

If you have a lot of fashionable high boots in your wardrobe, you know firsthand how difficult it is to store them without losing their shape. It's actually simple - after cleaning, put two bottles of wine inside each boot. So they will keep their cleanliness and shape for a long time.

8. Make a stand for books

An unusual idea for your next vacation in warm countries. Bring sand from your trip, fill it in an empty wine bottle, and use it as a nostalgic book holder. This will freshen up the interior and remind you of a pleasant trip all year round.

9. Store sauces for salads

Instead of buying standard containers for sauces and oils, pour them into empty wine bottles. They will look smart and expensive, and guests will definitely compliment your ingenuity.

10. Diversify the interior

Wine bottles can be easily converted into stylish lamps if desired. Clean bottles thoroughly and remove stickers. Cut the bottom off with a machine and sandpaper around the edge of the cut. Be very careful! If you are in doubt about your abilities, it is better to turn to specialists who professionally cut glass. When everything is ready, thread the wire into the bottom and attach the cartridge. Wrap the bottles with decorative wire of your choice and screw in the light bulb. Ready!