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20 unusual ways to use olive oil
20 unusual ways to use olive oil

This product can easily replace cuticle cream, make-up remover and furniture polish.

20 unusual ways to use olive oil
20 unusual ways to use olive oil

It is better to choose an oil of an inexpensive brand. And stock up on a spray bottle.

1. Extend the life of cutting boards and wooden utensils

After gently washing and drying the woodwork, apply a thin layer of olive oil. This can be done with a soft cloth, rubbing the liquid into the surface of the wood. Vegetable fat will saturate the wood and protect it from cracking and discoloration.

Leave the oil on a board or dish for 5 minutes. Then carefully wipe off the rest with a paper towel.

2. Get rid of sticking

There are many dishes that need to be added, such as a teaspoon of honey or half a spoonful of mustard. It seems that everything is simple, but such products stick to any dish, so measuring the specified amount can be quite a quest.

To make cooking easier, dip a spoonful in olive oil before picking up honey or mustard. Then the sticky product will literally slide off it.

3. Return the shine to chrome surfaces

Apply a little oil to a soft cloth cloth and use it to wipe down kitchen steel: taps, sinks, pots, dish drainers, roof rails and other attachments. The oil will deal with water stains, restore shine to the metal and help prevent tarnishing.

Finally, polish the metal surfaces with a clean, dry cloth.

4. Maintain the look of your silver cutlery

Silver tends to tarnish over time. Olive oil cannot stop this process, but it can slightly slow down oxidation, due to which the metal becomes darker and faded.

Apply some vegetable oil to a clean cloth and wipe down silver spoons and other utensils. Repeat this procedure regularly, such as once a week or two.

5. Remove stuck labels

If you can't remove the sticker from your new crockery or kitchen appliance, pour olive oil over it (you can make an oil compress with greased gauze). Leave it on for at least 15 minutes.

After this procedure, the label is easily removed. All you have to do is rinse the surface with warm water to remove the remaining oil and glue.

6. Return the shine to tarnished pearls

The surface of pearl jewelry will fade over time due to contact with makeup, sebum and dust. However, natural pearls are too delicate to be cleaned with standard cleaning agents.

You can restore the appearance of such jewelry by wiping each pearl separately with a napkin with olive oil applied to it. Then polish the pearls dry with a soft cloth.

7. Remove the tight ring

There are many ways to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger. Olive oil can help, too. Treat your swollen finger generously with it. Then grasp the jewelry through a soft dry cloth and gently pull it with twisting movements towards the nail.

8. Unzip the jammed zipper

To do this, soak a cotton pad in olive oil and rub the snake's teeth with it. Then slowly and carefully move the "dog" along the greased zipper in the desired direction.

9. Give a noble matte shine to the shoes

This method is suitable for shoes made of natural and artificial leather, as well as rubber boots. Wipe the smooth surface with a soft cloth to which you have applied a few drops of olive oil.

Attention: do not use oil on suede and other fluffy materials!

10. Protect your razor blades

If you wipe the cutting surface of a reusable machine with a cotton pad soaked in olive oil, the blades will stay sharp longer and will be protected from rust. Apply the product only to a dry machine.

11. Take care of your cuticles and skin

Olive oil is an excellent natural lubricant for hardened cuticles on nails and epidermis in general. You can add a little to a warm bath to soften your skin during and after bathing.

12. Improve the appearance of curly hair

Rub a few drops of olive oil into the palms of your palms, then use your hands to smooth over the wildest curls and driest ends. The oil will give the hair shine, protect against moisture loss and tangling.

13. Remove makeup

Dab some olive oil on a cotton pad and rub your face just like you would with a store-bought lotion or toner. The oil will not only effectively remove makeup, including waterproof mascara, but also leave skin soft and hydrated.

14. Remove stubborn dirt from hair and skin

Olive oil helps remove gum or paint from hair. Simply apply the product to the stained area and gently wipe off the dirt with a tissue.

For a stain on the skin, be it hair dye or oil, car grease, resin, permanent marker ink, mix a few drops of oil with one teaspoon of sugar. The result is a gentle yet effective scrub that can easily remove dirt.

15. Get rid of the squeak from door hinges

Soak a cotton ball in oil and apply it to a squeaking hinge - on a door, furniture, refrigerator door, or car. You can also apply the product with a spray bottle.

16. Prepare furniture polish

Add 4 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to a quarter cup of olive oil. Mix thoroughly. Place the solution in a spray bottle and refrigerate. That's it, homemade polish is ready.

Shake the spray bottle well before use, apply polish to the surface of wooden furniture and wipe with a soft cloth. Then wipe off the rest of the product with a dry paper towel. Use once a week.

17. Bring back softness and matte shine to leather goods

Leather furniture, gloves, belts will regain their lost shine if you regularly polish them with a soft cloth to which a few drops of olive oil have been applied.

18. Reduce mosquitoes

If there are rain barrels or other containers with industrial water in the garden, pour some olive oil into them. It will create a film on the surface and prevent mosquitoes from laying larvae in the water.

19. Protect your garden tools and furniture

Olive oil will protect wooden handles from drying out and cracking. It can also be used to process garden furniture.

Apply oil to metal tools: shovels, rakes, loppers, secateurs. This will slow down the appearance of rust and reduce the adhesion of dirt and snow to your inventory.

20. Feed the plants

If you have fern and ornamental palms, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil at the root about once a month. This will help the plants grow more lush.