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5 tips for those who can't stand the heat
5 tips for those who can't stand the heat

If sweat flows like hail and you don't have the strength to endure the stuffiness anymore, try this.

5 tips for those who can't stand the heat
5 tips for those who can't stand the heat

Dear friends, if you do not tolerate heat well, let me give you a couple of tips. Dealing with heat is a fairly simple science and one that can be learned. I spent quite a long time in places where the thermometer sometimes showed both 45 and 50. Therefore, I know what I am saying.

1. Don't drink cold water

She does not quench her thirst, flies out after five minutes with sweat, taking the salt with her. Drink tea or unsweetened kvass. Everything is clear about sweet soda: the more you drink, the more you want.

2. If you leave the house in the heat, do not make sudden movements

Behave with dignity: walk smoothly, move along the shady side of the street. Is always. And the main thing. If you go somewhere in the heat, then after each hike, after each walk, wash your feet and ankles with cool water. There are a lot of biologically active points, it's nice and useful.

3. Drink iced tea

Brew a liter of weak green tea (any will do). When it cools down, throw in some honey, lemon and mint. It is drunk with ice. Not only tasty, but also healthy.

4. Make "anti-scarf" ("Japanese air conditioner")

In Japanese prints or in Japanese cinema, you can often see people wearing white kerchiefs around their necks. This is it. A brilliant piece. Just try it. Take a white clean handkerchief, soak it in cold water, tie it around your neck. When the handkerchief dries, soak it again. The lightening effect comes in just a couple of minutes.

5. If possible, divide the dream in half

Have a siesta at the hottest time. And, of course, no alcohol in the sun.

These were good advice that I learned a long time ago from my grandmother, and she, by the way, lived 92 years. Take care of yourself and be healthy! Behave yourself and summer will seem like a fairy tale to you.