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4 things to do before bed
4 things to do before bed

By making just four sessions a must-have ritual, you can make your next morning much easier and your day more active.

4 things to do before bed
4 things to do before bed

1. Review the past day in your head

The Pythagoreans also had this practice: before going to bed, scroll through the past day in their heads and evaluate each of their actions. It develops memory and helps to assess what you did right, what mistakes you made, what you could but didn’t do, and why.

In the hustle and bustle of the day, many events can get lost, and by scrolling through all the situations before going to bed, in a calm atmosphere and without rushing anywhere, you can re-look at the problems and even remember something that needs to be done tomorrow.

You can combine these memories with gratitude.

In 2005, researchers Seligman, Steen, and Peterson conducted an experiment called Three Good Things in Life. The participants were divided into two groups. One of them was asked to write down three good things from the past day, for which they were grateful, every night before going to bed. It was necessary not only to mention them, but to substantiate for each event the reason for gratitude, what is so good about this event.

The experiment was carried out for a week, and the groups were observed for a whole month. It turned out that participants who completed the task all week were happier and less depressed not only during this “thank you week,” but also over the next 3–6 months.

All you have to do is remember three things for which you are grateful. To get a killer effect, remember five at once.

True, this business is fraught with sudden falling asleep. You don't even notice how you fall asleep.

2. Plan the next day

Another practice of the Pythagoreans was to mentally predict the events of the next day. Thinking about whom you will meet, what you will say and what you will do. All this had to appear in the mind of the Pythagorean as clearly and clearly, as if it had already happened in reality. So the anticipation of events turned into their formation.

Of course, you don't have much time to think through the next day's events in detail, but you can easily scroll through the highlights.

Before going to bed, think about what needs to be done tomorrow (revising the past day will help with this, you will probably remember some obligatory tasks), define for yourself the main tasks that you must complete, you can even imagine several successful outcomes: waking up without effort at 7:00, road to work without traffic jams and crush in transport, a good meeting with clients, etc.

By the way, you can do this in the morning, if, of course, you have time for such reflections.

3. Prepare everything for tomorrow

Immediately remember the school years, when in the evening it was necessary to collect a portfolio with textbooks. This habit has long since sunk into oblivion, along with a portfolio and textbooks, but it was very useful.

In 2011, the Travelodge hotel chain conducted a study that determined the time to choose clothes for men and women in the morning. Oddly enough, it turned out that men choose an outfit 3 minutes longer than women who spend about 10 minutes on this ritual.

You can free up those 10-15 minutes in the morning by planning your outfit the next day before bed. Just decide what you will wear to work tomorrow, remember if this thing is in the wash and if all the accessories are ready for it. Just a minute of thought, and you will no longer rush around the apartment, hastily iron something or put on wrinkled things.

4. Lunch for tomorrow

If you have long wanted to switch to a healthy diet and stop filling your hunger with pies and chocolates, it's time to start. It is clear that the morning is not the best time to prepare lunch, so do it in advance and pack it in a container. All that is left in the morning is to transfer it from the fridge to your bag and enjoy a healthy meal.

After all these things, you will have a feeling of completeness, you will be calm for the next day.

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