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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress
4 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress

To increase productivity and reduce fatigue, it is enough to change your habits a little.

4 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress
4 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress

1. Delete the application you visit too often

If you can't cut down on work, cut down on the time you spend on apps. This will give you a few free minutes to think, relax, call someone back, or go to bed early.

Going into some application, you lose concentration. You spend the mental energy that you need to do things, and as a result, then you experience stress. Determine what exactly is distracting you: Facebook, a game, a dating app, or something else. Uninstall the app for at least a week and see what changes.

2. Set a reminder before bed

For example, with the words "Why are you still awake?" After reading such a reminder in the evening, consider whether it is worth continuing the work you have begun. Or better sleep and finish it tomorrow.

It’s worth breaking your sleep routine just for the sake of something very important. Certainly not because you just sat on the Internet.

Set up an "alarm clock" that will warn you that it's time to get ready for bed, an hour before you want to go to bed. This way you will have time to finish things and go to bed on time.

3. Always keep water close at hand

Drink plenty of water, it increases your working capacity and requires little effort on your part. Take a bottle of water with you when you leave the house, keep one in the car and another on your desk.

If water is always at hand, you will drink more often.

4. Sit less at work

Stress often has not only psychological but also physiological causes. Among them is lack of movement.

Don't expect to catch up with your workout tonight. Get active during your work day. Straighten your back when sitting. Conduct meetings on the go. Buy a desk for standing work. And during the break, do a couple of squats.

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