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How to stop being afraid of singing in karaoke
How to stop being afraid of singing in karaoke

Probably most people get nervous at karaoke, especially if it's the first time to sing. Here are some tips to help you calm down and even enjoy the process.

How to stop being afraid of singing in karaoke
How to stop being afraid of singing in karaoke

Book a karaoke room for the first time with your friends

It is best to sing karaoke with friends and choose places where there are small private rooms. You will not be so worried if only friends hear your singing, and it is also good to sing together in small halls. In the best case, you will perform your favorite song perfectly and your friends will congratulate you. At worst, friends will just start singing along and cheer you up when they see you feel uncomfortable.

If there are no such small karaoke rooms where you live, do not despair. Look for small bars that have karaoke on weekdays. Then chances are great that there will be no one besides your company in the evening. Be sure to go with your friends the first time, so it will be easier for you to relax.

Do not go out first, but do not delay until the last

Unless you are a karaoke frequenter, do not go on stage first, let someone else start. You will calm down when you see that no one is scolding the presenter or driving him off the stage. Plus, you will have time to drink and relax. But overdoing it with alcohol before going out is also not worth it. It may be more fun for you, but have pity on everyone else.

To sing first, of course, is scary, but it is even more scary to sing last. Don't waste time, or you will only get more excited trying to choose the perfect song. So the whole evening will pass, and you will not notice anything except your stress.

Choose a song you know by heart

Many people make the mistake of choosing not the song they know well, but the one they like. If you are afraid of confusing words, be sure to choose a song in which you know at least 90% of the lyrics. Especially if it's rap or some other dynamic composition. Yes, the text will be on the screen in front of you, but you can still get lost if you're nervous.

When choosing what to sing, always ask yourself, “Do I know this song for sure? Or do I only know the chorus? " If in doubt, check the text on the internet. Then think if you can sing it. It is not necessary to have the skills of an opera singer, the main thing is to overcome the fear of the microphone.

If you have a few favorite songs that you can definitely sing without hesitation, create a playlist and rehearse in the shower or in the car. Gradually, your repertoire will grow, and the next time you go karaoke, you won't have to suffer choosing the right song.

Sing along with friends first, and for a solo number choose something cheerful

Ask your friends to sing together, for sure you have common favorite songs. This will relax you much faster. Just don't choose too long and complicated songs, not everyone will want to sing them.

After you've conquered your initial fear, sing a popular song that everyone knows. Many will begin to sing along, and some, perhaps, will dance. If you are not a fan of pop music, try to find something fast and cheerful enough. Think twice before dragging on a slow, sad song. Such songs will especially emphasize your voice and, moreover, can ruin the mood of some of the listeners.

Also, avoid songs that have a lot of repetitions or long instrumental parts.

Remember to cheer others up

Even if someone frankly distorts the song, do not get angry, clap to the music, smile, and at the end, applaud. Chances are, your friends are nervous too, so don't make jokes, even if they seem harmless to you.

In general, laugh, applaud, and maintain a positive atmosphere. When it's your turn to go on stage, your friends will also cheer you on. Most importantly, remember to have fun and have fun.

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