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10 podcasts about startups, IT business and online marketing
10 podcasts about startups, IT business and online marketing

If you don't have time to read about the situation in your professional field, you can listen to it. Lifehacker has compiled a list of podcasts for entrepreneurs, marketers and other professionals who manage and promote projects on the Internet.

10 podcasts about startups, IT business and online marketing
10 podcasts about startups, IT business and online marketing

1. Runetology

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Analytical program about business in Runet. Each episode is a meaningful conversation between the presenter and a guest entrepreneur or top manager of one of the Russian Internet companies. The podcast is hosted by Maxim Spiridonov, co-founder and CEO of the educational platform Netology.

2. SMM without cats

A podcast for everyone whose activity is in one way or another related to promotion on social networks. Host Elnara Petrova, founder of NextMedia, talks to various industry professionals and owners of successful communities, discussing the secrets of "white" SMM.

3. Business Clicks

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Broadcast online radio Mediametrics. On the air, you will hear informative discussions of various aspects of internet business and digital marketing in particular. In addition to the presenters, invited experts from different market niches participate in the project.

4. SMM Today

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A podcast in the format of a regular news digest from the world of social media marketing. The host talks about the most discussed events of the week, new tools and opportunities that may be useful for SMM specialists.

5. How games are made

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Experienced professionals of the gaming industry Sergey Galyonkin and Mikhail Kuzmin, together with invited experts, discuss all kinds of nuances in the development, promotion and monetization of interactive entertainment projects.

6. Point

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The broadcast of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" about everything related to Internet projects and technologies in general. At the microphone: journalist Alexander Plushev, permanent expert Sergei Oseledko, independent specialists and guests from various technology companies.

7. Frank dialogues about business and not only

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The project of the founder of the business community Taisiya Kudashkina, dedicated to the issues of effective business and self-development. The topics of the releases range from fighting procrastination to attracting investment in a startup. Visiting: renowned experts and business owners.

8. Big Plans: Smart Podcast

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In each episode, the presenter reads an audio version of the article available on the business blog Topics include corporate culture, technology trends, startups and personal effectiveness.

9. Startup in Russian

Zera Chereshneva, a journalist for Kommersant FM radio, talks about interesting ideas for tech startups and the attempts of Russian entrepreneurs to implement them.

10. Creative Russia

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A podcast of the eponymous slack community of people from the digital industry: marketers, developers, entrepreneurs and other professionals. The episodes are interviews in which moderators ask guests questions from community members.

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