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Andrey Davidovich's story about the balance in business and life and why being a jock is not a very smart decision
Andrey Davidovich's story about the balance in business and life and why being a jock is not a very smart decision

Read an exclusive interview of Lifehacker with a social businessman, father of three children and CEO of the development company Traffic Inspector Andrey Davidovich.

Andrey Davidovich's story about the balance in business and life and why being a jock is not a very smart decision
Andrey Davidovich's story about the balance in business and life and why being a jock is not a very smart decision

Some of his projects help to earn money in order to develop himself and develop the world around him through other projects.

1. Your health life hacks. What you are doing? What tools do you use? What are the techniques? What are others not doing? What conclusions did you make for yourself?

Activity every day. Aerobic is replaced by anaerobic. The more varied the better. No more than an hour a day. No exhausting work. At the end of a workout, I always “eat up” a little. My health week consists of running, swimming, boxing, cycling, cycling and yoga after all this, without fail. I drink at least 3 liters of clean water a day. No burdens and muscle building, because then I do not want to treat the spine (now all pitching begins to quietly hate me). I see many young people in the gym, swallowing strange drinks and torturing their bodies with heavy weights. Both will not bring any benefit to my body in the future, I have never done that.


I undergo a medical examination once a year - prevention is better and cheaper than treatment. I do it in Germany or the Baltics. Everything is simpler, more professional, cheaper. Diagnosis and treatment are in different, independent medical institutions. Nobody loads: go there, buy such and such a pill there, and you will be happy. There is always a choice. Everyone cares about their license, they don’t lie and are committed to the result.

The main thing is to find your own (read qualified) therapist, he will protect you from possible mistakes and unnecessary expenses.

I have a heart rate monitor on my arm. I use Polar or Garmin, depending on the type of load and the place of exercise (indoor, outdoor). My heart is one, and it is very easy to overload it with excessive activity. for a quick knowledge on the matter.


I do not neglect a professional fitness trainer, but I do not make a cult out of this. I contact him once a week. I ask questions, I ask you to correct the program of my actions. Over time, you begin to do this less often, as you gain knowledge and experience.

Conclusions in this part: sport is air, without overkill, follow the pulse, no chemistry, various loads, monitor the health of the spine, because everything else in the body is somehow attached to it.


2. How do you manage and plan your time?

Early risers is not my case. I work when an idea or solution comes to mind. Eight hour workday for disorganized losers. This applies to both those who are employed and entrepreneurs. In my opinion, it is worth working when there is something, there is an idea, there is a profit (any - moral, material, reserve for the future).

I read books on time management, acquire knowledge and create my own control system that is convenient for me at the moment. I don't follow the rules, I follow my intuition. I change the rules depending on the situation around. Crisis means rowing harder; a good project has come - you can relax a little without losing control over its execution.


I make a weekly backup of everything important (documents, photos, videos). I follow the technologies in this area: tapes on reel-to-reel tape recorders have long been scattered - many now regret the lost information, and I am no exception. English daily.

I'm not afraid to speak in front of an audience. If there is no opportunity to speak, I will definitely ask a question on the topic. When it was scary and my hands were shaking, I pressed the microphone to my chin. I speak where I can show my competence or talk about my services in a topic.

I do not shy away from social and socially significant events. In addition to the benefits for people, this experience often translates into business connections. One example is Russian-American business meetings.

3. How do you manage your finances? What are your top three financial rules?

Until 2008, I did not think about financial planning. Until the next crisis broke out. The brains immediately returned to the desired state. By that time, many obligations had been accumulated: employees in several companies, children, parents. There were difficulties, but they taught me how to put it off.

Today I don’t trust banks and don’t keep money in them. I invest in real estate and in the birth and education of children. Neither one nor the other is almost impossible to steal or wrestle. There are many "tasty" real estate offers in Europe now. But they will soon be over. In Asia, the real estate market is liveliest. In Bangkok, for example, you can buy an inexpensive apartment with a tenant.

Three rules:

  1. I am constantly looking for new baskets for laying out money. This helps to increase your savings.
  2. I try to be discreetly conservative. This helps to save finances.
  3. I periodically review the cartoon "The Pipe and the Jug". I apply the knowledge I have gained to financial planning. I will not impose my conclusion, everyone will have their own - this is more interesting.

4. Life hacks in relationships with the other half?

To marry only for love. Only love will allow me not to be sad in old age, when it transforms into another substance and will nourish my life and fill it with meaning.

I do not deceive women on a large scale for the sake of my base desires - giving can be torturous.

I do various amenities for the second half. Outside the obligatory holidays, if, for example, forget to buy flowers for March 8, I probably will not be quartered.

5. Life hacks for raising a child (if any)?

I try to be honest with my children, and I already have three of them. I send and provide information materials from outside. I do not forbid. I am interested in their life, I talk about my own. I speak as equals, without cheap flirting and lisping. I do not control it. I am thinking about the formation of goals in life.


I think that there is nothing to go to them with your friendship: we are too old for them to share their interests with us, our functions in their lives are dictated by evolution and nothing more. And the most important motto in raising children, my family proverb: a child follows what he sees in his home, his parents are an example to him. Fewer words - more personal examples, and everything will be fine.

6. Life hacks in a career. What helps you to be successful?

Accumulated responsibility helps to be successful. You need to feed your mouths, and you start looking for opportunities. And quantity always turns into quality.

I help young people who want to change something in their lives and the world around them. This often translates into a business conversion, and I just love doing it.

I do my business honestly. Lies and tricks always come out and make the business finite.

I think three steps ahead. One-movers do not last long, it is important to build processes that allow you to make money over time.

Healthy denial of the impossible is one of my principles. Nothing is impossible. No, I don’t know, it’s impossible, I called, but I didn’t get through - for weaklings.

7. How do you rest? What interesting things do you do when organizing, planning and spending your vacation?

I do not make a cult out of rest. I relax playfully and with a phone connected to the Internet. Modern communication methods allow you to stay on top of the topic. But I do not overdo it, otherwise, already on the plane home, I may feel the desire to rest again.

I plan to spend a certain amount on vacation. I spend it all. Otherwise, why then plow all my life, if I can't even afford to enjoy myself?


On vacation I do nothing for show and for checkins. I try to study the place of the planned trip. I am constantly introducing new ways of recreation into my life: yachting, windsurfing, kitesurfing, golf. Trust me, it's not that expensive. Next in turn are mountains and hang-gliding and paragliding.

8. Your home. What's special about it? What interesting can you tell about him?

My house is built on a vacant lot with weeds taller than my height. The energy was great there: three churches at a distance of about a kilometer in different directions. In the adjoining plot, in the conifers, the birds constantly breed. Well, I keep up with them.

I am interested in and implement active security measures for my home. Bars on the windows do not solve the problem, and the view through them does not add optimism.

9. Your development. How are you developing? Where and how do you get new information? Where is the inspiration?

I read every day. Over time, sources that satisfy my interests and level of knowledge surround me themselves.

I try to surround myself with information channels of various kinds to form my own opinion. I train my brain constantly. I check the sources of information - fakes are everywhere. I am looking for logic, I love facts.

I am friends and feed on energy from people who know how to formulate their ideas and translate them into successful projects, any - small or large.

I don’t get personal and don’t communicate with people who do it. In addition to white noise in information and negative emotions, this does not bring anything into my life. Such people are immediately banned.

10. Your philosophy. Your principles of life. What do you believe in? What laws of life do you use?

I do not change my principles under any government. I remember that making money is not enough. After a while, I will have to tell my grandchildren how I did it. I don't want to lie to them.

I believe in God, because a mess would not have existed for 2,000 years. There is definitely something in this.

I try not to lie. Difficult, but possible.

I listen to criticism from loved ones - it's hard, but useful for self-development.

I don't like excellent grades - it's enough to just say “thank you” instead of “thank you very much”.

I support my parents. Children are watching and are more likely to do the same to me.

I am not looking for trouble in the formation of civil society. I just try to infect people with creative ideas and offer tools for implementation.

I don't want to lead all this, because a leader can be quickly crushed and everything will end there, and an idea is like a virus, especially if it is clearly formulated and backed up by texture. The people around me are no more stupid than me. And if the idea is sound, the mechanism for achieving the result is clearly described and it has been brought to a microresult at least once, then people will replicate it themselves. It's like writing code in open source - you can't stop development.

In our city, several initiatives useful for life have already been implemented in this way: citizens participate in cleaning urban areas from garbage, keep order in the city, propose solutions to local authorities and participate in them themselves. The base for this has already been created with partners -.

I want and fill the space with positive changes. Not a revolutionary. My topic is evolution.

11. What are your dreams and plans for the future?

Plans - to earn € 100 million. Everything needs resources. Money is the best of them all.

I want and make my business useful and marketable all over the world.

I want to raise several social projects in my city, systematize them and scale them up.

I dream of people drinking clean water and eating only healthy foods.

I want to socialize the Clean Water and Healthy Food projects for those who cannot afford it.

I want to create a virtual diagnostic center for people who cannot afford to make a professional diagnosis from a specialist anywhere in the world. It is possible to collect analyzes, carry out the necessary examinations and, through modern means of communication, by agreement with a doctor and with the help of translators, receive a high-level consultation.

This can be done very simply. If investors appear, I'll tell you. If not, then I will wait for my 100 million and implement it myself.

I want all cities in my country to have bike paths. I support the project of cyclization of space in my city. The bicycle is part of freedom.

The reason for wanting all of this is my children. After all, there are always two ways to improve their lives: to squeeze them out of their current place of residence to the maximum and move children to where a comfortable environment has already been created, or to create an environment where they were born and raised. I choose the second way.

12. What is happiness for you?

Health + being in demand + a family that loves and waits for you.

So, 10 life hacks from Andrey

  1. Undergo a medical examination once a year. Diagnosis and treatment at different facilities to avoid imposing services.
  2. It is worth working when there is something, there is an idea, there is a profit, and not eight hours a day.
  3. To marry only for love. Only love will allow you not to be sad in old age.
  4. To speak with children as equals, without cheap flirting and lisping.
  5. Deny that something is impossible. Nothing is impossible. No, I don’t know, it’s impossible, I called, but I didn’t get through - for weaklings.
  6. Constantly introduce new ways of recreation into life: yachting, windsurfing, kitesurfing, golf. Trust me, it's not that expensive.
  7. Surround yourself with information channels of various kinds to form your own opinion, check information for fake news.
  8. Making money is not enough. After a while, you will have to tell your grandchildren how you did it. You don't want to lie to them.
  9. Listening to criticism from loved ones is difficult, but useful for self-development.
  10. Support your parents. Children are watching and are more likely to do the same to you.

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