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How to apply to the registry office: instructions for those who decided to get married
How to apply to the registry office: instructions for those who decided to get married

The life hacker figured out how to correctly draw up an application, how many days before the wedding and to which registry office to submit it and whether it can be done online.

How to apply to the registry office: instructions for those who decided to get married
How to apply to the registry office: instructions for those who decided to get married

What is marriage and who can enter it?

According to Russian law, marriage is a voluntary, equal union of a man and a woman who have reached the age of majority and have registered their relationship with the civil registry office (registry office).

This is a civil marriage. To call this a relationship in which a couple just lives together is de jure wrong. Civil means secular, fixed by government, not religious bodies.

To go through the procedure for state registration of marriage, you need:

  1. Be adults. The general age of marriage is 18 years, in exceptional cases - 16, and in a number of regions - 14.
  2. Show mutual consent and submit an application.

The stamp in the passport will not be put if the groom or the bride is in another registered marriage, are close relatives or are recognized by the court as legally incompetent.

How many days before the wedding do you need to submit an application to the registry office?

According to article 11 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, marriage is made one month after the submission of the relevant application. Thirty days are given to once again weigh everything and create a family consciously. According to the law, the registry office can increase this period, but not more than a month.

In practice, due to the queues for solemn and outdoor ceremonies, couples are forced to book the required dates several months before the wedding. Please note: book. The application itself is still written in exactly 30 days. In other words, if a beautiful date is important to you, you will have to visit the registry office more than once.

In what cases is it not necessary to wait a month?

If you have good reason, you can shorten your thinking time and even schedule a couple on the same day. For example:

  1. The bride is pregnant or the joint child has already been born.
  2. The life of the bride or groom is in jeopardy due to illness.
  3. The groom goes to serve in the army.
  4. The bride or groom is leaving for a long business trip.

Any of these circumstances must be documented. So, the fact of pregnancy is certified by a certificate from the antenatal clinic with stamps, signatures and due dates. If it is not too early to give birth, the registry office is unlikely to meet halfway: you will have to wait 30 days.

Which registry office should I contact?

The rule on filing an application for registration of one of the future spouses has been canceled.

Now you can contact any department of the registry office (and even several at once) of any city, regardless of the place of permanent or temporary registration. An exception is marriage with a foreigner. Not all registry offices register such unions.

If the registry office employees of a foreign city or region refuse to accept the application, ask for a refusal in writing indicating the reason. Then you can easily appeal it.

What documents do you need to collect?

  1. Joint application form No. 7 (for more details on how to fill it out, see below).
  2. Passports of the bride and groom.
  3. Divorce certificate, if one of the future spouses was previously married or married.
  4. Death certificate if there is a widow or widower in the couple.
  5. Notarized parental consent for marriage, if the groom or the bride or both are under 18 years old.
  6. Receipt for payment of state duty.

The amount of the state duty for marriage registration is 350 rubles. It is paid by one person.

How to fill out an application?

The marriage application has a unified form approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The form can be taken from the registry office and filled in there by hand or downloaded on the Internet and filled out at home on a computer.

In any case, the date and signatures of the applicants are put with their own hand in the presence of a registry office employee.

The marriage application consists of two columns: for him and for her. The bride and groom must indicate their personal and passport details, citizenship and nationality (optional), and also make a note of what surname they want to wear after the wedding.

Marriage statement
Marriage statement

An employee of the registry office must check the data, offer a free date for registration, pass the application through the ledgers and put a seal.

How do I apply?

Getting married is a highly personal matter. You cannot apply for registration through a lawyer or other legal representative. But you can do it in two forms:

  1. In person - through the registry office or multifunctional centers for the provision of state and municipal services (MFC).
  2. Online - through the portal of public services.

The ability to submit an application and accompanying package of documents through the MFC greatly simplifies the process. After all, the registry offices on weekdays mostly work until six in the evening, while many MFCs have an extended working day.

Can I apply for marriage registration alone?

The application is usually made in the presence of the bride and groom. But if one of them, for a good reason, cannot visit the registry office or the MFC, applications can be accepted from one of the future spouses.

Precisely the application, since in this case two documents are drawn up and the absent person must authenticate his copy with a notary. The same should be done with copies of the attached documents.

How to apply for marriage registration online?

You can apply for a marriage through the "Portal of state services of the Russian Federation": "Catalog of services" → "Family and children" → "Registration of marriage". Provided that the bride and groom have verified accounts on

How to apply to the registry office
How to apply to the registry office

Usually the groom starts the procedure and, having filled in his details, sends an invitation to the bride. She goes to the site and finishes the design. After that, you need to go to the payment tab. When applying for marriage registration through the portal of state services, the state duty will be 245 rubles.

How to pick up a marriage registration application?

The application has been submitted, the date of registration has been set, but something went wrong … The bride and groom can change their minds at any time and withdraw the application for registration of marriage, both together and separately.

Before the state registration of marriage, neither man nor woman have any legal obligations towards each other and have no rights.

If the application was submitted in person, you must contact the registry office and document the refusal. A passport and application are required. It is not necessary to indicate the reason for refusing to marry. The state duty is not refundable.

If the application was made through the Internet, and the registry office is located in another city, you can simply call and say that the selected date is free. But most of the failed spouses simply do not come to register. There is no administrative or any other responsibility for this.

Moreover, having taken one application, you can immediately submit a new one with the same or another person.