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10 things you can't machine wash
10 things you can't machine wash

You can ruin them hopelessly or even cause a fire.

10 things you can't machine wash
10 things you can't machine wash

1. Swimwear

Bathing suits perfectly tolerate rinsing in water, it's true. But in the tub of the washing machine, they experience a rather rough mechanical impact that can damage the straps and bones in bras. In addition, the delicate high-tech fabric of swimsuits, due to coarse washing, wears out quickly, stretching and losing color.

What to do

To prevent your swimsuit from losing its original appearance and last longer, wash it by hand.

2. Jackets for a figure

To make the jacket fit like a glove, rigid sealing elements are sewn into it, for example, shoulder pads or inserts that emphasize the waist. When machine washed, these liners wrinkle, change position, and as a result, the thing runs the risk of losing its shape.

What to do

If your jacket is dirty, it is best to have it dry cleaned. Or wash gently by hand, being careful not to damage or move the sealing elements. Under no circumstances should the fabric be twisted.

3. Clothes and shoes made of genuine leather

This delicate fabric may leave creases and streaks after power washing. In addition, leather shoes usually have glue-bonded parts. It can degrade when exposed to excessive moisture and high temperatures.

What to do

You can only clean such things by hand, using special leather care products (you can buy them, for example, in shoe stores). If the dirt is so great that, in your opinion, washing is indispensable, it is better to take the thing to a professional dry cleaner.

4. Ties

Good ties tend to come with a price tag that in itself serves as a warning: Throwing an item into a typewriter along with socks and T-shirts is unacceptable. Ties are often made of delicate silk, which, under severe mechanical stress, easily loses color and even breaks down. In addition, their internal structure can be damaged during washing, as a result of which the accessory will lose its shape.

What to do

Hand wash only with non-aggressive detergents.

5. Pillows and mattress covers made of orthopedic foam

Machine wash is very likely to break the foam into small pieces. Especially if you forget and do not turn off the spin mode.

What to do

Be sure to read the instructions that came with your particular pillow or mattress topper. Sometimes manufacturers generally prohibit the washing of such products. If there are no restrictions, then things made of solid foam are washed by hand in warm water with a mild detergent. And then they rinse thoroughly and squeeze out very gently, without twisting.

6. Hats with a visor

The visor on caps and baseball caps only seems strong. In fact, it can easily deform or even break if it is rolled in the drum during washing or spinning.

What to do

Hand wash these hats. You do not need to wring out the visor: just let the water drain.

7. Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths, when machine washed with regular powder or gel, risk losing some of their absorbency. This is especially true for expensive and high-quality models.

What to do

If the wipes were sold with care instructions, be sure to check them out. Manufacturers often advise washing such products only by hand, in warm soapy water. Use the same cleaning algorithm if there is no recommendation, but you want the wipes to continue to absorb moisture well.

8. Things with a lot of pet hair

Just as hair clogs a sink or bathtub drain, cat and dog hair can clog the water pump filters in a washing machine. And this is fraught with the fact that at some point the equipment will simply fail or cause a flood.

What to do

Before putting things in the tub, clean them as thoroughly as possible from wool.

9. Clothes with sequins and other small decorations

How reliably cute little things are fixed on trousers, dress, T-shirts, you can only check empirically. And it is not a fact that you will like the results. Firstly, sequins or rhinestones can come off and the thing loses its appearance. Secondly, these parts, like wool, can clog the water filters of the washing machine and lead to damage.

What to do

Wash items decorated with sequins, rhinestones and other small accessories only by hand. Or take it to dry cleaning.

10. Fabrics stained with flammable liquids

Stains of fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline, engine oil, solvents are a clear sign that clothes should not be put in the washing machine. Firstly, these are aggressive substances that can damage filters and other elements of technology. Second, if the stains are large, they can catch fire during washing, causing a fire. Thirdly, residues of fuel oil, gasoline and other oil products sometimes remain on the inner surface of the tank and stain the laundry during the next wash.

What to do

Clothes contaminated with flammable liquids must first be washed in warm water with a strong detergent. Then dry. Only after that, after making sure that the fuel oil or gasoline was washed off, the item can be put into the washing machine.