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How and when you can get your fitness tax credit
How and when you can get your fitness tax credit

In order for the state to compensate for part of the costs, the paid service must meet all the requirements.

How and when you can get your fitness tax credit
How and when you can get your fitness tax credit

What is a Fitness Tax Deduction

In April 2021, the State Duma passed a law that introduced a new tax deduction. This is the amount with which the state allows not to pay tax on personal income or return part of the money if personal income tax has already been paid. You can apply for a new deduction if you paid for sports. What kind of training it should be and where is not yet entirely clear.

When will it be possible to issue it

The law entered into force on August 1, 2021. However, the fitness deduction provisions apply to income earned from January 1, 2022. Accordingly, the deduction can be issued from the amounts spent in 2022 or later.

To get the money back from the tax already paid, you will have to wait until 2023 and submit a tax return. Through the employer, it will be possible to do this immediately after paying for the subscription - but only from 2022. If there was any hope that the period from August 1, 2021 would also fall under the deduction, then the tax service unequivocally dispelled them.

Who can get a tax deduction

The deduction is due to everyone who pays personal income tax at a rate of 13%. Accordingly, one must be a resident of the Russian Federation, that is, spend more than 183 days a year in the country. Non-residents pay personal income tax at a different rate and do not have the right to deduction.

Those who receive an unofficial salary, work as self-employed or individual entrepreneurs on a simplified taxation system, will not issue it either. They do not pay personal income tax.

What is the fitness tax deduction for?

According to the law, the deduction will be provided to those who have paid for health and fitness services for themselves or their minor children. But there are additional nuances:

  • The service must be on a list to be approved by the government. There is no such list yet. Accordingly, it is not clear what kind of activities are suitable for deduction. Now it is difficult to say what the authorities will consider health and fitness, and what not.
  • The Ministry of Sports should include the company or entrepreneur providing the service on a special list. The list will appear before December 1, 2021 and then will be updated annually. They promise to publish it on the official department. It is important that the organization or individual entrepreneur is on the list at the time of payment for classes.
  • For a company or entrepreneur that provides fitness and health services, this activity should be the main one. You can check this on the tax website if you find an organization or individual entrepreneur in the official one and see the main type of activity.

In general, so far everything is clear only in general terms. To find out if you can get a deduction for your classes, you will have to wait for the lists from the Ministry of Sports and the government.

How much is the tax deduction for fitness

Sports deduction added to social tax. The maximum for them is 120 thousand rubles. And not for everyone individually, but for everyone. Accordingly, if you spent 100 thousand on training and 50 on fitness, then the maximum deduction will still not be 150 thousand, but 120.

It should also be borne in mind that you will receive only 13% of the deduction amount on hand. If you spent 120 thousand or more, you can return 15 600. If you spent 50 thousand, you will be paid 6 500 rubles.

What documents will be needed to get a deduction

The tax office is awaiting two documents:

  • a copy of the contract for the provision of health and fitness services;
  • cashier's check.

If you receive a deduction for a child's occupation, it is worth confirming the relationship with a copy of the birth or adoption certificate.