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"" - what is a credit broker and how it can be useful to you
"" - what is a credit broker and how it can be useful to you


Taking out a bank loan is not as easy as it seems. An inexperienced borrower needs to choose an advantageous offer from many options on the market. And sometimes the bank may reject a loan application without giving a reason. In such cases, a credit broker will help out - for example, "". We will tell you what services are provided by credit brokers and in what situations it is worth contacting them for help.

"" - what is a credit broker and how it can be useful to you
"" - what is a credit broker and how it can be useful to you

What does a credit broker do

A loan broker acts as an intermediary between the bank and a potential borrower who plans to take out a loan. The broker helps you choose the best conditions, prepare documents and submit an application. With his participation, it is easier to get a mortgage, a consumer cash loan, a loan for business development, as well as a loan secured by real estate or a car. A specialist will help and refinance all active loans.

Large brokers have agreements with dozens of banks. This helps to match loans with low interest rates and loyal requirements for the recipient. The presence of agreements allows you to submit applications to several financial institutions at the same time, which increases the chances of getting a loan promptly.

Alexander Bochkarev Client of

I learned about from reviews on the Internet. I turned to a credit broker, because it is easier to get information about which banks are most loyal now and at what interest rates they issue loans. I was helped to apply to all suitable locations at once and speed up the process. I just submitted my documents, and then the broker took care of them. It was convenient, because most of my time was occupied by work. I received information on loans, discounts, interest from a specialist and made a decision for myself.

"" Cooperates with 72 banks in Moscow: Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank and others. Among the partners, there are 15 of those who can approve a loan application remotely while you are drinking tea or coffee at the company's office. With "" it is possible to find options with a low rate - from 4.9% per annum (depending on the client's credit history). The company will help you get the amount you need without compulsory insurance. And if the bank suddenly rejects the application for a loan, "" will explain the reason for the refusal and tell you how to fix the problem.

When a broker can help

When can a loan broker help
When can a loan broker help

It makes sense to contact a credit broker if you do not have the time and desire to understand the offers of different banks or you have already been refused a loan and you do not know what to do. Experts "" will select a loan for your request, pay attention to the pitfalls in the agreement (for example, the presence of hidden fees) and ultimately help you save money.

Alexander Bochkarev

I needed a loan because building materials were getting more expensive, and I needed to finish the construction. I liked the service, and the specialist who worked with me explained everything to me, and it was easier for me to navigate in the process of obtaining a loan. Therefore, I think that I will contact again - I save my time and get a more complete picture of loans, interest and discounts. I am satisfied with the work of the company: despite the fact that I have a certain workload on the loan, in "" they still found a bank that approved my loan.

Services "" will be useful to clients who have already applied for a loan on their own, but for some reason were refused. Usually banks do not report what led to such a decision, so a failed borrower has to guess. Credit brokers have more complete information on the criteria by which banks evaluate potential users of their funds. Specialists can help with paperwork and increase the chances of success, even if the person has a bad credit history or low income.

It happens that the bank is not ready to give a loan to a client. For example, because the applicant does not work anywhere or has a high credit burden. If a person owns an apartment or a car, "" will help to obtain a loan secured by real estate through a private investor.

How does the procedure for obtaining a loan look like?

Loan Broker Helps Get Loan Approval
Loan Broker Helps Get Loan Approval

In "" a new client is waiting for a free consultation, where he will need to tell about his request: the desired loan amount and a comfortable monthly payment. Employees of the company will check the credit history of the person who applied to three large bureaus free of charge (this is the United Credit Bureau, the National Bureau of Credit Histories and Equifax) and, taking into account this data, will conclude whether they can help under the existing conditions. If not, they will try to find other options.

After that, the consultants "" will compile a list of financial institutions whose proposals are suitable for the client (for example, with a low interest rate and a low monthly payment), and based on their experience, they will tell you which organizations are more likely to get a loan. In "" they know what documents need to be prepared, and remotely submit applications to partner banks. You will need to pay for the help of a credit broker only if the loan is approved.

Diana Mutaf Client of

I learned about through the Internet. I decided to contact a credit broker, as there was no time for banks. I took a loan for refinancing, and it was approved for me. I didn't think about anything at all - the specialist Valeria did everything for me. I saved a lot of time. If there is a need for a consumer loan or mortgage, I will immediately contact this company and only Valeria's specialist.

How much do you need to pay for services

How much you need to pay for the services of a loan broker
How much you need to pay for the services of a loan broker

Typically, clients pay a loan broker a percentage of the loan received, or a fixed amount. Check this point in advance. It is important to remember that no credit broker can give a 100% guarantee that you will receive a loan. Therefore, you need to choose a company that works without prepayment - this way you will avoid the situation when you give the money, and the bank will refuse you a loan.

In "" the client pays a one-time commission only when he has already received a loan. Its size is 3% of the loan amount. The exact figure depends on the type and complexity of the client's situation.

How to check a loan broker

Russia does not yet have a separate law that would describe the activities of credit brokers. This situation can be exploited by unscrupulous companies. The services of credit brokers are often used by people who face some difficulties. For example, those with bad credit history or working without official employment. If you are promised to correct your credit history or offers to issue documents that are not relevant to reality, you need to be wary. It is impossible to change your credit history: all loan transactions are recorded by large bureaus, and brokers do not have access to edit these data.

You should not agree to the registration of fake documents, for example, income statements. As a rule, banks double-check customer data: they make inquiries to the tax, pension fund and call back a potential borrower to clarify some information. If the fraud is revealed, at best, you will simply be denied a loan. And at worst, you will be in trouble with the law.

Before using the services of the company, study its website and reviews of the work. A bona fide credit broker must have agreements on cooperation with banks. For example, the site "" has certificates confirming the partnership.

Remember that an honest credit broker does not make loud promises that you will definitely get a loan tomorrow, and does not require an advance payment for your work. He only acts as an official intermediary between the bank and the future borrower. Check with your loan broker if you need an advance payment and with which financial institutions they work. You must have a clear understanding of how the service will be provided to you. All "" specialists used to work in banks. They have knowledge and experience in the field of lending and banking products, so they can help the client choose a loan for his needs, achieve the minimum annual rate, agree on the terms and advise what documents need to be prepared to apply.