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What will change in the laws from October 2021
What will change in the laws from October 2021

Free vaccinations in private clinics and new technical inspection rules.

What will change in the laws from October 2021
What will change in the laws from October 2021

Vaccinations in private clinics will be done free of charge

The regulation applies to all vaccines that are included in the national vaccination schedule and the schedule of preventive vaccinations for epidemic indications. These are vaccines for tuberculosis, hepatitis B, measles, coronavirus and so on.

We are talking only about private clinics operating in the compulsory medical insurance system. But until October 1, free vaccinations were given only in municipal and state institutions. So the innovation expands the range of places where you can get vaccinated under the policy for free.

Monthly allowance for the first and second child - only on the "Mir" card

The state continues to reorient payments of benefits and social benefits to cards that work in the national payment system. From October 1, only the "Mir" will transfer the monthly allowance for the first and second child. We are talking about payments for families in which the average per capita income is less than two regional subsistence minimum.

Money will not be transferred to cards of other systems, the bank may be punished for this. However, you can still receive benefits to an account to which no card is attached.

Unqualified investors will start testing

investors are organizations or individuals who have proven their knowledge and experience and therefore gained access to high-risk and very complex financial instruments.

All others who invest in securities are considered unqualified. Brokers provided them with access to a limited but still wide range of financial instruments.

From October 1, the situation for unqualified investors will change slightly. The tools of the qualified will still not be available to them, but now the ability to use the permitted mechanisms will be slightly limited.

For this, the tools will be divided into two groups. Access to the first will remain unimpeded. It will include easy ways to invest with less risk. For example, stocks from the quotation list (that is, high reliability), shares of open-ended mutual funds, ETFs, the profitability of which is determined by indices included in the list of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, OFZ, and so on.

To get access to instruments from the second group (shares of closed-end mutual funds, futures, options and shares not included in quotation lists), which are more complicated and risky, you will have to pass a free test with a broker. This applies to those who, after October 1, first decided to invest in a tool from the second group.

New rules of technical inspection will officially take effect

We are talking about an innovation in which diagnostic cards are issued only in electronic form. At the same time, cars are photographed at the entrance and exit from the inspection point. So it is planned to protect against fraudulent diagnostic cards.

They should have been earning from March 1, 2021. Then Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that it was necessary to postpone the introduction of the amended inspection procedure until October 1. And everyone fixed this number as the date the new rules came into effect.

However, the government decree did not postpone the deadlines, but simply extended the validity of the existing diagnostic cards. Moreover, in the wording "for 6 months, but not less than until October 1, 2021." That is, six more months can be added to the card's validity period, which expires from February 1 to September 30, 2021. Therefore, the inspection was simply not necessary to pass. Now the period of indulgence ends, and it is necessary to attend to the design of a new diagnostic card.

TV channels will start broadcasting for free on the Internet

Russians will get free access to the channels of the first and second multiplexes. These are Channel One, Russia-1, Russia-Culture, Russia-24, Match-TV, NTV, Channel Five, Karusel, TV-Center, Public television of Russia "," Spas "," STS "," Domashny "," TV-3 "," Friday! "," Zvezda "," Mir "," TNT "," MUZ-TV "and" Ren TV " …

The salaries of the siloviki will rise

From October 1, the salaries of servicemen and employees of some law enforcement agencies will increase by 3, 7%.

Rosfinmonitoring will control money transfers from foreigners

First of all, the amendments to the legislation will tighten control over non-profit organizations. The state will keep track of all their receipts and expenditures. Previously, only transfers from 100 thousand were in the focus of attention of the authorities.

Also, the law now allows Rosfinmonitoring to control literally any transfer to a legal entity or individual from some countries. Which ones will be decided later and will not be publicly disclosed. Allegedly, this is how they will fight with foreign transfers that are not done directly by an NGO, but through a person or a company.

The list of reasons why NPOs can be recognized as a foreign agent has also been expanded, as has the list of grounds for inspections. Now an unscheduled inspection can be carried out if any citizen or institution reports that the NPO is participating in the activities of an undesirable organization.

Fines will begin for lack of reporting on e-wallets

People who use foreign e-wallets must report the received transfers to the tax office. But only if the amount of transactions exceeded 600 thousand per year. At the same time, the owner of the wallet must be a resident - to live in Russia from 183 days a year. Non-residents are exempted from this obligation.

From October 1, administrative liability is introduced for those who did not report. The penalty will be 20-40% of the amount of all transfers per year.