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35 congratulations to mom on March 8, which will move her
35 congratulations to mom on March 8, which will move her

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35 beautiful congratulations to mom on March 8, which will move her
35 beautiful congratulations to mom on March 8, which will move her

Congratulations on March 8 for mom in aphorisms

These are proven phrases of wise people about maternal irreplaceability, value and love. Use them as a template. And do not forget to supplement the selected option with a couple of sincere words of your own to make the congratulations on March 8 more tender and personal.

1. The heart of a mother is an abyss, in the depths of which there is always forgiveness. (Honore de Balzac)

2. Mom is the only deity on earth who does not know atheists. (Ernest Leguve)

3. The future of the nation is in the hands of mothers. (Honore de Balzac)

4. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. (Peter de Vries)

5. Happiness is the word "mom" written in a child's hand. (Boris Krieger)

6. She is a mother and she is right. (Ivan Turgenev)

Congratulations on March 8 for mom in quotes

Perhaps these expressions will become the basis on which you create your own congratulations for your one and only mother.

1. Mom is the first word of a person who has just appeared in the world. So, maybe it was the first word of all mankind? Didn't our language begin in ancient times with him and with such "childish" words? (Lev Uspensky)

2. For some reason, many women think that giving birth to a child and becoming a mother are one and the same. You might as well say that it is the same thing to have a piano and to be a pianist. (Sam Harris)

3. Mom - one word. Four letters. Endless meaning. (Edwin Hubble)

Congratulations to mom on March 8: painting by Mary Louisa Gow "Kiss Goodnight"
Congratulations to mom on March 8: painting by Mary Louisa Gow "Kiss Goodnight"

4. Once, when he was a child, the electricity went out and his mother found and lit the last candle. This short hour, while the candle was burning, was an hour of wonderful discoveries: the world has changed, the space has ceased to be huge and comfortably closed around them. Mother and son sat together, strangely transformed, sincerely wishing that the electricity did not turn on for as long as possible. (Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451)

5. Everyone wants to save humanity, but no one wants to help mom wash the dishes. (Patrick O'Rourke)

6. Mom loves us even when we least deserve it. (Edwin Hubble)

7. The memory of mother's love is the most comforting memory for someone who feels lost and abandoned. (Erich Fromm)

8. A mother is always forced to think twice: once for herself, the other for her child. (Sophia Loren)

9. The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. (Theodore Hesburg)

10. You really don’t understand human nature if you don’t know why the child on the carousel waves to his mother at every lap and why his mother always waves after him. (William Tammeus)

11. Mom always makes us feel like people of a higher class than we really are. (John Lancaster Spaulding)

12. Between justice and mother, I choose mother. (Albert Camus)

13. Everything great in the greatest people is from the mother. The father is always just an accident. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Congratulations to mom on March 8: painting by William Bouguereau "Temptation"
Congratulations to mom on March 8: painting by William Bouguereau "Temptation"

14. My mom was the most beautiful woman I have ever known. What I have become, I owe my mother. All my successes in this life, moral, intellectual and physical education, I credit my mother. (George Washington)

15. I have learned from my own experience that every working mother is a superwoman. (Uma Thurman)

16. We celebrate the day of the women who gave us life and much more. Those who strive to protect with all their might. He had the courage to fight those who want to harm us. Who put our happiness above his own. But above all, we pay tribute to the mother's love. Love is eternal, unchanging. The one that accompanies us all our lives. (From the TV series "Desperate Housewives")

17. I am a mother. And a mother is never alone. (Catherine Deneuve)

18. I tell you, forgive! Well this is mom! She doesn't need much: she apologized, her eyes are on the floor, and that’s it - go further. (From the TV series "Interns")

19. Moms always come to the rescue. Even when they are not around. (Elchin Safarli)

20. Mothers' hands are woven of tenderness - children sleep on them in the most serene sleep. (Victor Hugo)

21. Getting to know people better, you understand that you can only love your mother sincerely. (Emma Stone)

Congratulations on March 8 for mom in verse

These short emotional poems will look great on greeting cards.

1. My mom is dear, I love you without edge

Congratulations on March 8!

2. This world is not so golden from the sun -

It is filled to the brim with your kindness.

There are many good people on earth, There are many warm-hearted people.

And yet the best on earth -

Mama. My mum. (Robert Rozhdestvensky)

3. Do not offend mothers, Don't be offended by mothers.

Before parting at the door

Say goodbye to them more gently.

And go around the bend you

Don't rush, don't rush

And to her, standing at the gate, Wave as long as possible … (Victor Gin)

Painting by Edmund Adler "Rabbit, mother and child"
Painting by Edmund Adler "Rabbit, mother and child"

4. It was quiet in the house in the morning, I wrote in the palm of my hand

Mom's name.

Not in a notebook, on a piece of paper, Not on a stone wall

I wrote on my hand

Mom's name.

It was quiet in the house in the morning, It got noisy in the middle of the day.

- What have you hidden in your palm? -

They began to ask me.

I opened my hand:

I kept my happiness. (Agniya Barto)

Congratulations on March 8 for mom in toasts

Here are some short and dignified phrases to which you can raise a glass to the best woman in the world - mom.

1. Mom is the only person who knows me nine months longer than everyone else. Thank you, mom, for always understanding me better than others, for your incredible intuition, warmth and kindness. You have become for me the standard of a real woman.

2. Mom taught me resilience: "You won't leave the table until you finish eating." Overcome the impossible: "Shut your mouth and eat soup." Feel free to look into the future: "Wait a minute, I'll talk to you at home!" And even a little extrasensory perception: "Put on a sweater - I know that you are cold!" Without them, our life would be completely different! Let's raise our glasses to our caring, gentle, paradoxical, magical and incredibly beloved mothers!

3. On the Internet you have 500 friends, at a wedding 100, at a birthday 10. And when you have problems - only one. And most likely, it will be mom … Thank you, mom, for the love, support and faith in yourself, which you generously give to all of us, your children.

4. Mom is the person who makes the world a better place. These are not just nice words. You yourself remember how many stupid and unkind actions were saved by the thought "What will I tell my mother?" So let's say thank you to these beautiful women, our mothers, for instilling in us generosity, restraint, discretion. For the fact that they were and remain the fulcrum on which this world rests.