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What to put in an alarming briefcase for those who do not believe in the end of the world
What to put in an alarming briefcase for those who do not believe in the end of the world

Even if you do not believe in the coming apocalypse and consider The Walking Dead a hilarious comedy, stocking up on the essentials in case of the end of the world will be useful.

What to put in an alarming briefcase for those who do not believe in the end of the world
What to put in an alarming briefcase for those who do not believe in the end of the world

Let's clarify: the “end of the world” does not have to be global. A blizzard or a hurricane, a local man-made disaster and other, not so rare, emergencies, and not just a zombie apocalypse, can cut you off from the outside world, leave you without light, food, water and communication.

What will you need in such situations?

1. Drinking water

Interruptions in its supply can cause anything: an accident at a sewage treatment plant, damage to a water supply system, swept roads along which trucks cannot make their way to shops, and so on. In Ulyanovsk, for example, a water crisis was once provoked by a snow slush (ice crumb) on the Volga, which clogged pipes at a water utility.


It is best to always have a minimum supply of water for 10 days in the house (approximately five 5-liter bottles per person). Water cylinders should be stored in a dark, secluded corner, while keeping an eye on the expiration date (yes, bottled water also has one: as a rule, from three months to two years).

Well, if you go on a journey, take with you as much water as you can.

2. Food

You can choose anything as an emergency supply: instant soups (for them, do not forget, you will need hot water), canned food (both vegetable and meat), energy bars, croutons, cookies, and so on.

3. Stock of condoms

The Apocalypse is not the best time to think about procreation. In addition, "rubber product No. 2" can be used for other purposes. For example, to provide airtight packaging for anything of value during a flood.

4. Whistle

A very necessary thing: remember at least "Titanic" and the miraculous rescue of the heroine Kate Winslet. This way you can always call out for help quite loudly.

5. Hygiene supplies and first aid kit

Get a good supply of toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, and brushes - anything you use on a daily basis.

Don't forget sunscreen, disinfectants, a first aid kit (bandages, iodine and other antiseptics, antibiotics, antihistamines, activated charcoal, and any medication you take regularly, if any) and dust masks.

6. Paper maps of your city and surrounding areas

Very useful if you have to get somewhere on foot.

7. Copies of all important documents

Pack them in a sturdy plastic file.

8. Utility knife


With its help, you can open the canned food and cut off the bandage - the knife will come in handy in many situations.

9. Adhesive tape

Or electrical tape. Many experts recommend adding it to your emergency briefcase. What for? Understand during the apocalypse.

10. Potassium iodide

This is a drug that will provide at least some protection from radiation for the thyroid gland.

11. Sturdy raincoat to stay dry at all times

12. Flashlights

The bigger, the better. Including self-charging flashlights (using physical force) and batteries. And also a large supply of candles.

13. Deck of cards

It will help you not to go crazy even in a damp and dark basement.

14. Tablets for water purification

15. Cash in small bills

16. Points

Put them in your backpack, even if you usually wear lenses.

You can supplement this list yourself with your favorite chocolates, coffee, without which you cannot imagine the morning, hygienic lipstick and other essentials. Then you can be sure that in the event of an emergency you will definitely not be lost.