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How to kiss correctly
How to kiss correctly

Simple tips to make you the god of kissing.

How to kiss correctly
How to kiss correctly

How to learn to kiss if you don't have a partner yet

Even if you have absolutely no one to kiss right now, you should not close this topic for yourself. It's like in sports: even if today you do not participate in competitions, training is still important. They will allow you to be on top at the right time.

Train on your arm

  1. Make an OK gesture with your left hand. Make sure your thumb rests on top of your index nail.
  2. Place the thumb of your right hand in the resulting letter "O". Squeeze your "O" so that it fits snugly around your thumb.
  3. Remove your right thumb. Now your "O" is like a pair of lips parted in anticipation of a kiss. You can start the main phase of your workout.
  4. Touch your lips to "O". Begin kissing lightly closed fingers, experimenting with strength, pressure, and light biting.
  5. Track exactly how your fingers are feeling. Your partner will feel much the same when you finally get into real kissing. Does your fingers hurt? Are you kissing too wet? Control your feelings and change your kissing tactics depending on them.
  6. Experiment with your tongue by running it inside the "O" and caressing your fingers with it.
  7. Practice kissing more softly and more firmly. This kind of workout will make you more confident when it comes to kissing your real partner.

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And on fruits with vegetables

  1. Take a soft fruit with a delicate skin - peach, large apricot, mango … Some recommend tomato - also an option. Choose according to your taste - the main thing is that such kisses are pleasant.
  2. Bite off a small piece so that the bite is the size of someone's mouth. It will be your simulator.
  3. Begin kissing the luscious lips softly, experimenting with pressure and rhythm.
  4. Wrap your lips around the top of the “mouth” first, then the bottom. Make gripping movements with your lips to bring them to the level of automatism.
  5. Do not forget to work with your tongue, launching it inside the fetus.
How To Learn To Kiss: Train On Fruits And Vegetables
How To Learn To Kiss: Train On Fruits And Vegetables

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How to kiss your partner correctly

First of all, keep in mind that kissing is an extremely intimate and subjective affair. So be sure to track his (her) reaction!

Someone likes deep kisses, someone does not tolerate someone else's tongue in their mouths, someone may be irritated by excessive moisture. Typically, people are embarrassed to talk about discomfort. But next time they will try to avoid the "wrong" kisses. Try to match your kisses with the individual's expectations and desires.

Act confidently, but from afar

Don't be afraid to take the first step. Don't ask permission. If this is your first kiss and you are not completely sure of the reaction, start with a kiss on the forehead. Or the tip of the nose. If your partner does not mind, then pull him to you - and gently kiss on the lips.

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Sexologist Claudia Six recommends starting with meaningful eye contact and then moving on to kissing from afar.

Learn to relax your lips

In the beginning, the pressure is irrelevant. Let your lips be as relaxed as possible - then your partner will feel a gentle and soft touch. This will give him anticipation and excitement. Only then can you tighten your mouth: the contrast between the former softness and strength will let the one you kiss understand that he is causing you passion.

Master the kiss of one lip

Kissing the right way: Master the kiss of one lip
Kissing the right way: Master the kiss of one lip

It may not be the best way to kiss overall, but one of the best is to start the passionate phase. Just grab one of your partner's lips (it doesn't matter, upper or lower) with your own and begin to make gentle sucking movements.

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Use your tongue, but be careful

How to kiss correctly: Use your tongue, but be careful
How to kiss correctly: Use your tongue, but be careful

There are legends about the French kiss (the very deep one with the tongue). Nevertheless, this is a rather controversial type. Not everyone likes this deep penetration. So remember the algorithm:

  1. Without removing your lips from your partner's lips, open your mouth wider. The partner will feel emptiness and freedom of action and, perhaps, will be the first to decide to penetrate the language deeper.
  2. Press your partner's lips with your own, so that he is between yours. Then, gently run the tip of your tongue along the inside of the person's lower lip. Take one smooth, fast motion. If your counterpart likes this type of kiss, he will respond.
  3. Get ready to back down. If, despite the fact that you carefully followed the steps from the previous paragraphs, you were not answered, do not insist. Set aside the French kiss for next time and focus on the previous techniques.

Use your hands

Kissing is a complex physiological process that goes beyond the mouth. Gently touching your partner's shoulders, arms, torso with your hands will increase the degree of his arousal. Start touching at the hips, and then slowly raise your hands along your back to your neck and shoulders. Then, if you do not meet resistance, you can wrap your palms around your partner's face. This will make your kisses even more intimate and passionate.

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