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What not to do when you are drunk
What not to do when you are drunk

Some things combined with alcohol can damage your health, wallet and reputation.

What not to do when you are drunk
What not to do when you are drunk

1. Get behind the wheel

This is an administrative offense that can easily become a criminal offense. In 2017, 4, 6 thousand people died, 22 thousand were injured due to drunk drivers who refused to be examined.

Even if there are no casualties, driving while intoxicated may result in a fine of 30 thousand rubles and deprivation of rights for a period of one and a half years.

A bicycle is also a vehicle, and you cannot ride it drunk. True, the fine for this is lower - from a thousand rubles.

If you are drunk, call a taxi or look for a sober driver.

2. Call your ex

There are a lot of anecdotes and stories from life about such situations, and it is better not to create a new one with your participation. When alcohol starts to work, you want to return everything, or express everything, or just hear a familiar voice.

There is a small chance that the other end of the line will be glad to hear from you. But he is so insignificant that it is better to sober up first and how you should think about whether it is worth stirring up the past. And most importantly, do you really want to communicate with someone from the ex, or alcohol speaks in you.

If you are prone to calls, for which you are later ashamed, give the phone to a friend or leave it at home.

3. Make promises

After a few drinks, you feel like you are all-powerful. In such a state, it is easy to make a promise that cannot be kept. You can brag about connections, agree to conditions that are extremely unfavorable for you, or threaten your family well-being.

Not every promise can be safely abandoned.

If there were only friends next to you, they themselves will laugh at your stupidity. But problems can arise with more serious people, and you will have to get rid of them with the help of the police.

At first glance, this development of events resembles the scenario of a gangster series from the 90s. To keep it that way, keep your mouth shut.

4. Litter with money

You are the king of the world, and therefore you will treat everyone in the bar with drinks at your own expense. Or, leave the party and see your dream coat in the window, spend all the money on it. A month on buckwheat and water, which follows rash spending, will sober up in every sense, but it is better not to bring it to such a point.

Transfer exactly as much money to the card as you want to spend, or withdraw it in cash. Temporarily block transactions on other accounts.

5. Run into conflict

You've probably seen a hundred times of unpleasant drunk people with glass eyes who walk on the dance floor, or wherever you drink, and try to provoke others into conflict. And you know how it ends: the mood of others deteriorates, they begin to disperse, the music becomes quieter, and everything ends in a fight. And no one, of course, admires whoever made the end of the fun. You don't want to be him, do you?

Drunken aggression is quite difficult to control, so the advice to control yourself will be meaningless. A little sobriety doesn't hurt.

6. Play for money

The drunk player is a potential victim of scammers. You are generous, inattentive and believe in your omnipotence. In this situation, the risk of being left with empty pockets is too great.

7. Having sex without contraception

If you are not planning a pregnancy, you should not have sex without contraceptives while sober. But those who are counting on replenishment in the family, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, it is better to use condoms.

Drinking alcohol by both men and women increases the risk of spontaneous abortion in the early stages. However, it is not so much the state at the time of conception that is important here, but the amount of alcohol consumed. Ten servings per week are considered statistically significant.

8. Drink medicine

Some drugs are incompatible with alcohol. It is better not to mix antibiotics, sedatives, nitrofurans and metronidazole, analgesics and some other drugs with alcohol. Otherwise, instead of treatment, you will harm the body.

9. Have a weapon with you

This is not worth doing for two reasons. First, after alcoholic excesses, you can use it, and it will end sadly. Secondly, the law prohibits persons under the influence of alcohol from carrying weapons. For this, a fine and other sanctions are imposed.

10. Go to work

In this case, the employer must remove you from your work duties. But you shouldn't take it as an unplanned day off: you won't get paid for the missed day. In addition, even a single drunk appearance at work is enough to be fired.

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