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How not to waste when you're drunk
How not to waste when you're drunk

Foresight and planning can help you cope with alcohol-induced generosity.

How not to waste when you're drunk
How not to waste when you're drunk

Why do you spend more money when you drink

This was reported by the founder of the London Doctors Clinic, Dr. Seth Rankin.

1. You forget about worries

Because of alcohol, you don’t think about mundane things like mortgage payments, utility bills, and the need to buy food. Alcohol turns off anxiety, and it seems to you that you will somehow get out.

2. You start to count incorrectly

Calculations under the influence of alcohol become very approximate. You can keep ordering drinks without even knowing the final bill amount.

3. You use easy ways to pay

Alcohol provokes impulsive behavior. The ability to pay by simply holding your phone or card to the terminal works well in tandem with it.

4. You try to dominate

Alcohol provokes aggressive behavior. The easiest way to assert your dominance and generate gratitude is to pay for everyone.

5. You are trying to improve your mood

It is not only the desire to dominate that can make someone treat you. You want to do something nice for people, and being generous makes you feel good.

How to Save Money When Going to Drink

1. Stock up on cash

Think about how much you are willing to spend for the party. Consider all possible expenses and have this amount ready in cash. So you simply cannot spend more than you have.

Put your taxi money in a separate pocket. The risk that you will release them earlier still remains. But at least you won't do it by accident, just taking all the bills out of your pocket.

2. Hide bank cards

You definitely don't need to take the cards with you. After a hefty dose of alcohol, you may be tempted to withdraw more money, and not from the ATM of your bank, but from the nearest one, where you will be charged a commission.

But that's not all. You will then return home and sit down at the computer, where the websites of online stores are waiting for you. And, of course, this is where you need a cowboy outfit, a Thanos collectible figure, and a new game on Steam.

To cope with the temptation, it is better to leave the cards in an inaccessible place before drinking, for example, in the apartment of your parents. But entrusting them to the household and asking them not to give them under any pretext is not worth it. If you are aggressive and drunk, things can end up badly.

3. Delete card data

Disable your ability to pay with your phone. Delete the data on the sites to which the map is attached. You shouldn't be able to buy something in one click. If you are particularly attracted by any online store applications, temporarily remove them.

4. Change passwords

Another way to prevent spending money on apps is to change passwords. Come up with some really difficult combinations and write them down on a piece of paper that you will stay at home. Sleep off in the morning and return everything as it was.

5. Agree in advance with your friends how you will pay the bills

In the midst of a party, the alcohol in you might say, “Look, these guys are lovely! Let's treat everyone! Hopefully, someone from the company will keep their sanity and remember the preliminary agreements.