5 warning signs of relationship problems
5 warning signs of relationship problems

Relationships don't deteriorate overnight. This is a long-term process of accumulation of mutual grievances, omissions, and tension. There are alarm bells that signal that something urgently needs to be changed in the relationship. From this material, you will learn what to look for and how to solve specific relationship problems.

5 warning signs of relationship problems
5 warning signs of relationship problems

Signal number 1. Due to constant employment, partners do not spend time together

Problem: Relationships don't get enough attention

One fine day, when people understand what kind of business they like to do, they are completely immersed in work. And they can't find time to just be alone with each other. Relationships start to deteriorate because of this. People who are too deep in their careers and spend a lot of time alone forget what it is like to be a couple.

Solution: take time for your loved one

Talk to each other. Do common business. Or try to make it a rule to postpone everything every three days and devote time to each other, go to a cafe or movie, walk in the park, visit exhibitions. And in general, work should not take up all your free time, perhaps you need to do time management.

Signal # 2. Constant nagging and criticism

Problem: hidden neglect

When unspoken negative emotions accumulate in a couple, he (or she) begins to see everything connected with the beloved in a negative light. If you notice that you begin to criticize your partner (or he you) for a minor reason - for example, it annoys you how he / she chews food - this means that your negative emotions are out of control.

Solution: Understand the root cause of the irritation and focus on it

The main question is whether you can get to the bottom of the real reason and understand what is more in your relationship - what you like or what you don't like. Ask yourself this question: do you see your couple in a positive or negative light?

Signal number 3. No support when you really need it

Problem: loss of trust

The difficulty is that loss of trust is not always the result of betrayal or betrayal. Often this problem is made up of a large number of minor details. Example: a husband complains about a problem at work, to which the wife replies: "You are to blame."

If, at the moment when you are most vulnerable, you do not receive enough support and similar situations recur, it becomes more difficult for you to open your soul to your partner. And regaining lost trust is very difficult.

Solution: Become aware of what's going on and learn to talk to each other about it

Unfortunately, in our country, family psychology is not particularly developed - in such a situation it would be nice to seek advice from an impartial third party. Loss of trust is not necessarily followed by a break, but to avoid it, both partners should try to maintain the relationship.

Signal number 4. Partners do not discuss important things and ignore the existence of problems

Problem: poor communication

When partners understand that the relationship is somehow not going well, they often avoid talking about the problem, and this is not good.

If you avoid talking about problems, negative emotions accumulate, and more often than not you do not even notice this: everything happens at the subconscious level. Pretending that everything is fine is a very tedious task, and in the end it can lead to dire consequences.

Solution: talk to each other even on uncomfortable topics

Break the ice, talk about what makes you uncomfortable. Share your thoughts on what you would like to change and what solutions you see. Decide how you see your ideal relationship and strive for it.

Signal # 5. Cheating

Problem: an under-attended partner

Research shows that every third breakup is caused by cheating on the part of one of the partners. Happy people don't lie. This situation is another consequence of the fact that not enough attention and care is paid to a person in a relationship. Deception appears when the relationship is on its own and the lovers spend little time together.

Solution: talk to each other frankly

The one who feels the need for attention should talk about it, and the other partner should take a step forward if he feels the strength to change the situation.

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