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20 things to tell your son before he grows up
20 things to tell your son before he grows up

If you had heard these words as a child, you might have grown up to be a different person.

20 things to tell your son before he grows up
20 things to tell your son before he grows up

1. You can and must cope with difficulties

Life is full of challenges and you will have to face this challenge regularly. Work hard, don't be afraid to ask for help when needed, and use your head.

2. Know your worth

Never settle for less - not in your daily life, not in work, not in love.

Be the best and choose the best.

3. Listen to your heart

Especially in those cases when it seems to you that it says something more reasonable than the people around you.

4. Don't be so serious about yourself

Do not be sorry, but admit your guilt, if any. Laugh at yourself. Keep it simple.

5. Money does not determine your life

Life is more than money. Some of the happiest moments in your life will not be associated with these pieces of paper. Work hard and earn good money, but don't judge yourself by how much money you have.

6. "No" means "no"

When it comes to dating (or whatever you plague kids call it as a teenager), remember that if a girl says no, it means no.

7. Crying is okay

Your heart is not stone. You are empathetic, kind and fair. Sometimes what you are striving for will not come true. You will lose from time to time.

If you feel that tears will bring relief, then give them free rein.

8. Take care of your health

Make sure to see your doctor, eat vegetables, get enough sleep, and exercise.

9. Remember your family

The family will always be there: rejoice with you when you are happy, and support you in difficult times. And, of course, to love you always and under any circumstances. Do not distance yourself from your loved ones.

10. You are no better than the rest

You're great, but you're no better than the people who drive the bus, fix your shoes, or clean your house. Regardless of what heights you reach in life, remember that you must respect other people and their work.

11. People are good

By nature, people are more prone to good than evil. However, this does not mean that the world consists only of good people. You will meet those who will do wrong, bad and just mean. I want you not to forget: every person should have a chance to improve. And everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise.

12. Protect yourself from unnecessary worries

Pain and drama will follow you on your heels throughout your life. Avoid people and events that bring nothing into your life except experience, intrigue, disappointment and chaos. Life is too short to waste on this.

13. You are not the center of the universe

There was life on Earth before you were born, and it will continue after you leave this world. Do not focus solely on yourself, help other people, inspire them to new achievements. Leave your mark.

Make sure that after you are gone, there is someone to remember about you.

14. Do something good every day

Yes, modern life has a frantic pace, but we are never so busy that we do not have time for good. Give way to another place on the subway, help an old man cross the road, or carry heavy bags from the store. Be the person who is willing to lend a helping hand to others.

15. Be yourself

You are a unique person. And you can contribute to this world. You have talents, develop them and never merge with the crowd.

16. Your word must be worthwhile

Choose your words carefully. Try to tell the truth and always keep your promises. Remember that you have to be the person who is responsible for what you say.

17. Be nice

Treat people well and don't be harsh. It's not that hard when you think about it.

eighteen. Your mom will always be there

I'll always be there for you. The day will come when physically I will be gone, but know: I will forever remain in your heart and in your memories.

19. Choose wisely

Bride, business partners, friends and neighbors.

20. Be brave

Be brave enough to admit that you need other people's help, or that it's time to quit because it failed.

Be brave enough to be able to say goodbye to something that no longer belongs in your life, and hello to something new.

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