30 life lessons I learned by the time I was 30
30 life lessons I learned by the time I was 30

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30 life lessons I learned by the time I was 30
30 life lessons I learned by the time I was 30

Perhaps I am not competent enough to advise you on how to live right. But, if you think about it, who is even competent in this? Everyone has different life circumstances and their own difficulties, we are born at different times and in different conditions. But looking back at the 30 years of my life that have passed quickly, I noticed several rules that I consider essential. They helped me a lot and I put together the best ones on a list.

1. Treating people kindly is the most valuable investment one can make. Whenever I was kind to someone, without expecting anything in return, in some strange roundabout way, kindness returned to me. As the saying goes, what you sow is what you reap.

2. Any advice you receive should be taken as suggestions and not as a set of strict rules.

3. Run from the experts who pretend they have everything perfect. We all have flaws and problems, but some are simply better at hiding them (especially those who call themselves “thought leaders,” “gurus,” or “experts”).

4. The more attentive you are to others, the less you compete and experience aggression. It's more fun to work and live when you collaborate with other people rather than trying to out-compete them.

5. Don't get down to business if you are not ready to do it well. Knowing that you are doing your job properly is very valuable.

6. If in the middle of a conversation you notice that you don't understand anything, listen carefully and remain calm and confident. People around you will think you are smarter and more knowledgeable than you are. But seriously prepare for the next meeting.

7. If you firmly believe in an idea, strive to implement it. Other people's opinions are important, but not as strong as you think. Several years ago, I turned down more than one well-paying job to devote a year to my hobby. At that time, only one person supported me - my girlfriend (and now my wife). This resulted in a book that has now been published in 11 languages and which has led to the writing of another book. I did this because I believed in my idea. Usually, faith is enough to take on something. And don't give a damn about the skeptics.

8. Drink plenty of water. If you are nervous or feeling low on energy, consider how much fluids you drink per day. Perhaps this amount is not enough.

9. Anything that is sweet and lacks nutrients is harmful to health. There are no exceptions.

10. If you are constantly low on energy, do vigorous aerobic exercise, normalize sleep, eat healthier foods, and cut out alcohol and caffeine from your diet.

11. Every couple of years, try again the food you didn't like before.

12. All suffering stems from the inability to accept change.

13. If you're constantly looking forward to your next vacation, you need to make your home life more interesting.

14. If you can say for sure where you will be in five years, you are either too reinsured, or do not take into account the possible risks.

15. There are people who only talk about themselves and never ask about you. More often than not, they are not worth your time and attention. But sometimes people talk so much because they don't feel heard.

16. If you want to know what you are worth, pay attention to how you feel in those around you. This is not an indicator of your worth, but a good guide to understand how you affect the lives of other people.

17. Nice to receive a real paper letter in the mail. It takes only ten minutes to write it, but the addressee may cherish it for years.

18. It can be helpful to be alone with yourself and reflect on your own life. Throw yourself a night out or try an annual reflection retreat (one of my favorite productivity rituals).

19. The more time you have for reflection, the more grateful you feel. It’s only when we step back a little from our lives that we begin to appreciate what we have.

20. The world is created by those who act. Every book you read, every song you hear, every product you use every day, was created by someone no more genius than you. These people brought their ideas to life through their hard work.

21. Be aware of the impression you make on others. As annoying as it is, we all value each other.

22. Stop watching TV if you want to live longer. The average person spends about nine years in front of the TV.

23. The analog world brings more meaning and joy than the digital one. But the latter makes life more efficient. Live wisely in both.

24. The best financial decision you can make is not getting used to expensive pleasures. This applies to everything from coffee and wine to travel and apartments. After all, what we have is gradually becoming the new norm.

25. Status is the main driver of consumption. When you feel the desire to buy something new, think about whether it is connected with a sense of your status, whether it seems to you that this thing will help you become a better version of yourself. Remember, garbage accumulation is a bad way to achieve this goal.

26. Books are the best money can buy.

27. Boring advice: set up an automatic payment so that a certain percentage is debited immediately after the salary and goes to the savings account. If income has increased, increase the monthly contribution so that expenses do not increase with income.

28. True love does not exist, but true friendship - yes. And that's exactly what most people mean when they talk about true love.

29. One of the most overlooked skills is letting a person finish a sentence before opening their mouth themselves.

30. Be careful with your words. Your careless remark can be remembered for a lifetime, especially if you are talking to someone under the age of 18. Words are much more powerful than we think.

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