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6 great apps for communicating with native speakers
6 great apps for communicating with native speakers

You can easily find an interlocutor to practice speaking and writing in almost any language.

6 great apps for communicating with native speakers
6 great apps for communicating with native speakers


It is one of the most convenient apps for communicating with native speakers. It provides a convenient system for finding an interlocutor, which allows you not only to learn, but also to teach yourself. You can conduct a dialogue in a form convenient for you, whether it be simple correspondence, audio calls, or even video communication.

For the convenience of communication in chats, auto-correction of text, exchange of images and audio files are provided. You can even find a professional teacher if necessary.

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Hello pal

A simple and convenient chat, in which you can find an interlocutor according to the specified parameters. The application provides the ability to send voice messages, and more recently, it also allows you to make calls.

In communication, you can use an automatic translator and ready-made phrases from a phrasebook. With their help, you can maintain a conversation or at least just start a conversation by asking about the weather, place of residence and some abstract topics.

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This service also offers a chat function with text correction, voice messaging for setting the correct pronunciation, as well as a large set of filters when selecting an interlocutor. Moreover, when searching, the application will first show those who meet your conditions and are now online.

In terms of audience coverage, the service is one of the largest. There will always be people ready to speak to you in any of over 100 languages.


Not the most famous, but also quite useful service, where you can find an interlocutor according to your interests, be it music, movies or computer games. After all, it's much more fun to learn a language by communicating about your hobbies.

This service is also distinguished by the function of ignoring people with bad communication manners. The level of friendliness of each potential interlocutor changes depending on his behavior in the chat and is taken into account when selecting.


If you are not yet ready for direct conversation and correspondence, then the HiNative service will be the best choice for communicating with native speakers of a foreign language. It offers a less stressful question-answer format for some. You can immediately ask a dozen other users who speak the language you need.

Questions can be formed using ready-made templates, if necessary, supplementing them with images or audio recordings. The latter will allow you to evaluate your pronunciation and correct it if necessary.


This is one of the most popular services for communicating with native speakers of foreign languages. You can correspond in it both with the user selected through the search, and with the whole group in the general chat. All answers and phrases are available for saving and later use.

In addition to text communication, it is possible to ask questions using voice messages in Russian: the system will automatically translate the phrase into the interlocutor's language. In the same way, you can get the answer, which is really convenient.

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