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8 ways to use ground coffee after brewing
8 ways to use ground coffee after brewing

Simple and useful tricks for the kitchen and garden.

8 ways to use ground coffee after brewing
8 ways to use ground coffee after brewing

1. Get rid of the smell in the refrigerator

Dry the grounds after drinking your coffee. Fold in a plastic jar, make holes in the lid and refrigerate. The coffee will absorb unpleasant odors. You can put the same jar in the freezer.

2. Clean pots and pans

Add a handful of ground coffee and scrub the burnt food thoroughly. Then wash as usual. Do not use this method with pans that cannot be rubbed, such as pans with any type of non-stick coating and enamel pots.

3. Wash off odors from your hands after cooking

Keep a jar of ground coffee next to your kitchen sink and use it after you've cooked fish, chopped onions or garlic. Usually, the odors from these products remain on the skin for a long time and are difficult to wash off. But they will disappear easily if you rub your hands with coffee.

4. Make fragrant homemade soap

It will give your hands a pleasant smell, and small particles of grains will at the same time work as a scrub. Make several blocks at once and present to loved ones.

5. Refresh your shoes

Pour the dried thick into a sock, tie the top and put it in shoes that smell unpleasant overnight. By morning, the coffee will absorb the odors. You can freshen up a musty closet in the same way - just leave the coffee sock on the shelf for a while.

6. Feed the plants

Coffee beans contain many nutrients, including nitrogen, which is used as fertilizer. Especially for plants that prefer acidic soil, such as azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas, evergreen species. Just add ground coffee to your flower bed or pot.

7. Add to compost

The nitrogen in coffee also works great in compost. Pour leftover coffee grounds into a garden composter or pit and stir. Your fertilizer will become even more beneficial.

8. Wean the cat from the flower bed

If your pet prefers your flowers to the tray, mix the ground coffee with orange peels and sprinkle on the flower bed. The rich smell will scare the cat away.

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