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Why saving does not deprive you of pleasure, but enriches your life
Why saving does not deprive you of pleasure, but enriches your life

Blogger Trent Hamm articulates the basic principles of sustainable economy and explains why frugality affects more than just finances.

Why saving does not deprive you of pleasure, but enriches your life
Why saving does not deprive you of pleasure, but enriches your life

1. My reasons for being thrifty aren't all about money

When I embarked on the path of saving, it was associated with finances. But cutting back on spending is one of the reasons why frugality has become a part of my life.

First, it helps me to be calm. I don't feel stressed about money. I’m not worried that I don’t have enough money for food. I enjoy finding discounts. I love this sense of peace.

Another non-financial aspect of frugality that appeals to me is the value of routine. I used to spend a lot of time planning, I was stressed because of it, which resulted in unnecessary spending. Now there is a place for spontaneity in my life, but ordinary days are structured, and I just live them without nerves.

2. Being frugal makes me better at other aspects of my life

A new approach to money made me reconsider my attitude to everything. Now I feel the value of all my resources in a different way: time, energy, attention. For example, I save money when I buy something I want at the maximum discount. Or I want a healthier body and spend time on diet and exercise. In each case, I look for effective and efficient ways to get what I want out of life.

3. Thrift allows me to be wasteful

Saving on unimportant, I spend money on what is worth attention. For example, my hobbies are valuable to me. And I allocate money for them every month. Such selective wastefulness brings a lot of joy and pleasure.

4. I am not a supporter of total economy

I don't feel the need to be frugal in every aspect of my life. Moreover, when I tried to live like this, it inevitably led to breakdowns and rash spending.

For me, saving is a balancing act between cutting costs on unimportant and generosity if something deserves attention.

Everyone has their own set of important and unimportant things. There is no area of life where everyone should be frugal.

5. I will choose economical over green, although I recognize the importance of both aspects

Balancing between green and economical, I made the final decision. Ecology is important and I value green living highly. But if it comes into conflict with frugality, I will choose economy. For example, I will not waste time and money on repairing some thing, I will just replace it with a new one.

6. I write about saving to ruin her negative image

Many people perceive frugality as a terrible suffering, as a punishment for overspending. But for me, saving is just a part of life. She does not make me unhappy, and my life is strange.

I want everyone to understand that you just have to try to find your own path to saving, which is the opposite of suffering.

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