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20 unforgivable makeup mistakes
20 unforgivable makeup mistakes

Eyebrows drawn in pencil, foundation darker than skin and other examples of how not to paint. Don't ever do that!

20 unforgivable makeup mistakes
20 unforgivable makeup mistakes

1. Applying decorative cosmetics to untreated skin

Some girls find it unnecessary to use a moisturizing or mattifying base before applying makeup. But this is the same as painting without wetting the brush in water.

The foundation will accentuate flaking on dry skin, and will shine on oily skin. Prepare your face if you don't want to ruin everything from the beginning.

2. Too much makeup

Women want to be beautiful. And there is nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn't get carried away. Unfortunately, many women of fashion have problems with a sense of proportion.

If you really cover your face with tone and powder, then generously so that not a single pimple does not shine through. If you blush your cheeks, then like Marfushenka-darling. Smoky makeup is blacker than night.

Overdoing your makeup means crossing the fine line between sexuality and vulgarity.

Think if you are using too much cosmetics? Now naturalness is coming into vogue. One of the latest trends is the make-up-without-make-up effect.

3. The foundation does not match the skin tone

There is nothing worse when a "tanned" beauty has white ears, neck and décolleté. Is it just a dark, as if dirty, neck of a girl with "white" skin. Those who miss the mark with their foundation shade are easily recognizable in the crowd.

makeup mistakes: tone
makeup mistakes: tone

This mistake is very common. In a store, under artificial lighting, colors are distorted, and we often buy a product that does not suit us. It is also wrong to choose the tone when applying the testers on the wrist.

To find the perfect foundation that will literally blend in with your skin, apply the swatch to your cheek near the chin and check the results in natural light.

4. Sloppy shading

Even with a well-chosen tone, it can be a mistake if applied inaccurately. When applying foundation with your hands, it is difficult to distribute it evenly - streaks and bald spots remain. Better to use a special brush or sponge.

The same goes for other cosmetics. Undisturbed blush looks like a trace of a kiss, shadows, applied too graphically, make the look heavier and add age. Make sure that the lines in your makeup are smooth and tend upward, and the colors pass harmoniously from one to another.

5. Using a too light concealer

Concealer is a female lifesaver. It can be used to disguise pimples or under-eye circles. The trouble is that many girls choose too light or dark concealer and get the opposite effect: they do not hide, but emphasize the flaws.

makeup mistakes: concealer
makeup mistakes: concealer

should match the skin color or be half a tone (maximum!) lighter. And do not forget that there are different proofreaders, each of them has its own mission. So, concealers in peach shades are ideal for applying under the eyes, greenish ones for painting acne.

6. Hard sculpting

Sculpting is designed to correct the shape of the face, hiding flaws and highlighting the merits. There are many video tutorials on YouTube with sculpting schemes for different face shapes.

But this makeup technique is really difficult and not amenable to all girls. Typical mistakes are the use of the wrong shade of products, application in the wrong places, poor shading.

Even skillfully sculpting is not always appropriate. The embossed face looks great in photos and videos, but should you wear makeup like Kim Kardashian if you just need to go out for bread?

7. Bronzer instead of a sculptor

If you cannot imagine yourself without sculpting and prefer dry correction, then do not confuse cosmetics such as bronzer and sculptor. Identifying them is also a common mistake.

Bronzer, like a highlighter, is applied to the protruding parts of the face and is designed to emphasize the tan, create a glow effect, as if the sun kissed you.

It is unacceptable to use bronzer, especially with a reddish undertone, to correct the shape of the face!

There is a sculptor for this. Usually it has grayish-olive shades (shade colors) and is intended for drawing cheekbones, chin, hairline.

8. Overkill with blush

Sometimes girls think that the more blush they apply, the fresher they will look. But if you overdo it a little, and the young beauty full of health turns into a circus clown.

We already have how to choose a blush for your color type. Recall that in order to apply blush correctly, you need to smile, find the "apples" of the cheeks and blend the remedy to the temple from them.

makeup mistakes: blush
makeup mistakes: blush

9. Applying powder all over the face

The purpose of powder is to fix makeup. It is recommended to apply it on the T-zone, since the skin is most prone to shine on the forehead, nose and chin.

But many girls cover the entire face with powder, and with a dense layer, and use a brush for this, not a puff, which is why they sometimes look like porcelain dolls.

10. Eyebrows drawn in black pencil

Fashion for eyebrows is changing dynamically: today sables are relevant, tomorrow they are thin again. But eyebrows drawn in black pencil are always terrible. Is always!

makeup mistakes: eyebrows
makeup mistakes: eyebrows

Makeup artists generally do not recommend eyebrow pencils. Better to use shadows or special tints. And if you really use a pencil, then a tone lighter than the natural color of the eyebrows.

11. Applying shadows to the entire eyelid

Some women will not come to terms with the fact that the 1980s have sunk into oblivion, and continue to paint their entire eyes - from eyelashes to eyebrows.

In modern makeup, colored shadows are usually applied only to the movable eyelid. The fixed eyelid under the eyebrow is highlighted with a highlighter. Applying shadows to the entire eyelid is permissible only for creative photo shoots, if the image requires it.

12. Eye shadow

It is a common misconception that the color of the shadows should match the color of the eyes.

If a green-eyed brunette does green eye makeup, her eyes will go out. You can emphasize emerald eyes with burgundy and dark pink colors. Copper, plum and terracotta shades are great for blue eyes. Brown-eyed girls should try blue and purple shades.

13. Chic! Shine

Eyeshadow with shimmer, powder with reflective particles, pearlescent eyeliner - many of the fairer sex have a passion for everything shiny.

But the use of glitter cosmetics is appropriate only for evening and festive occasions. In everyday office makeup, it's best to stick with soothing matte shades.

14. Eyes in black frame

Correct eyeliner makes the eyes stand out, making them more expressive. The key word here is correct. For some reason, many girls bring their eyes not only from above, but also along the entire contour. It doesn't look very good. Makeup artists call this eyeliner with black frame eyes.

makeup mistakes: eyeliner
makeup mistakes: eyeliner

The lining of the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a black liner visually narrows the eyes. If you want to bring the lower eyelid, draw the space between the eyelashes (you can only at the outer corner of the eye). Bring the water line with kayal.

makeup mistakes: eyeliner
makeup mistakes: eyeliner

15. Unpainted ciliary margin

Small oversight, but capable of ruining the image. The fact is that it is quite difficult to paint over the eyelashes at the roots. As a result, a small gap remains between the eyelid and the eyelashes, creating disharmony.

To avoid this, do not forget to paint over the lash edge with a liner or dark shadows.

16. Aggressive arrows

Some girls draw arrows so intensely that it seems as if there is nothing else on their face - only arrows. Needless to say, how caricatured it looks?

If you go to work and not to a nightclub, try to keep your shooters neat and moderate.

17. Ton of carcasses

Women dream of long, thick eyelashes. In pursuit of a dream, they apply one layer of mascara after another. Eyelashes stick together, forming "spider legs". It looks terrible, and when it dries, it also starts to crumble.

Sloppy false eyelashes also look ugly.

18. Disharmony of lip contour and lipstick

The contour pencil is designed to emphasize the shape of the lips and fix the lipstick. But if it doesn't match the lipstick shade, the following happens.

makeup mistakes: lips
makeup mistakes: lips

Looks strange, doesn't it?

19. Flowing shine

If the gloss rolls into a white streak or spreads outside the lips, then there may be a gloss problem. But before you send the product to the trash can, try to apply it a little less.

Stylists say that the fashion for lip gloss remained somewhere in 2004. Now they put only a drop of gloss in the center of the lips to create volume.

20. Matte lipstick on dry lips

Matte lipsticks, on the other hand, are relevant. But you only need to apply them on perfectly smooth lips. Do it, exfoliate dead particles, moisturize your lips with a balm and only then paint with matte lipstick.

It takes 20 minutes to look like a goddess. But it takes three hours to look natural. Janina Ipochorskaya Polish writer

Some blemishes in makeup are trifling and almost imperceptible. Others immediately catch the eye and spoil the whole image. But it's best not to do them at all. After all, a woman's appearance is her calling card.

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