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9 makeup mistakes that make you look older
9 makeup mistakes that make you look older

If you're in your 20s, don't do this.

9 makeup mistakes that make you look older
9 makeup mistakes that make you look older

Makeup is the magic wand of the modern world. He can both give the image a gentle flair of youth, innocence and enthusiasm, and add the harsh 5-10 years. If outer maturity is not what you are striving for when picking up lipstick, foundation and mascara, consider: the techniques listed below are taboo.

1. Dark lipstick


A dark tone - cherry, brown or burgundy - makes the lips more contrasting and at the same time strict, visually reducing their size. And this is unambiguously read by others as an age sign: over the years, the lips really lose volume.

If for some reason you really need a lipstick with a rich dark shade, use two life hacks. First, apply the product slightly beyond the natural contour of the lips to make them appear larger. Second, make the center of the lips a little lighter to give them volume.

2. Excessively dark or light tone

It won't work perfectly: if the color of the foundation differs from the natural color of your skin, it will be noticeable, no matter how hard you try. The most dangerous in terms of giving extra years is a dark foundation. Please note: young girls have radiant, seemingly fair skin (even if the girl is a mulatto). A dark, as if pigmented face is a sign of a woman of a venerable age. However, too light tone is also not always successful, because it often looks unnatural.

In order not to miss the mark, take your foundation seriously. Before making a purchase decision, apply a little tester not only to your wrist, but also to your face in the chin area. And be sure to evaluate the result in natural (not shop!) Lighting.

3. Unkempt sparse eyebrows

Naturalness is great! If not for a small nuance. With age, eyebrows become thinner (especially if you have a long history of plucking) and lose color. If you are still young, and your eyebrows are still sparse and colorless, you should not rely on their naturalness - it makes you look older. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder, choosing a shade about a shade lighter than your original.

Two more common mistakes: too thin, "in a string", or too thick and darkly drawn eyebrows. These options look either old-fashioned or aggressive and sloppy, but in any case, they are categorically unnatural, which adds years.

4. Blush under the cheekbones

With age, the face "floats": under the influence of gravity and reduced collagen production, the skin sags down. By darkening the cheek area, you visually emphasize this process. Result: the face looks “floating” and tired.

To avoid aging, choose a blush of light (pink, peach, nude) tones and apply only to the top of the cheekbones, away from the nose.

5. Black eyeliner on the lower eyelid


Let's not argue: this technique gives the image a zest. But mainly due to the fact that the black eyeliner on the lower eyelid visually makes the eyes narrower. A sign of youth is wide open.

If you have really huge eyes and an open "childish" look, black eyeliner is okay. In other cases, it is better not to accentuate the lower eyelid. Especially if you already have facial wrinkles: the eyeliner will attract your eyes to them. The same applies to eyelashes on the lower eyelid that are overly colored, especially with mascara for volume.

6. Dark or shimmery shadows on the upper eyelid

Smokey ice looks mysterious and languid, but it is important to take into account: this makeup technique, especially if dark shadows are chosen for it, creates the image of a kind of a lady tired of life. And fatigue is a bright age sign. Men, by the way, don't like the "black" smokey ice either.

As for shimmery eyeshadows, sequins tend to settle in the smallest folds, highlighting the wrinkles on the eyelids. You definitely don't need it.

7. Incorrect use of the highlighter

Face lighting is in vogue today: everyone dreams of fresh, as if glowing from within the skin. The benefit of highlighters - products that add a moist glow, gloss and well-groomed face, are a dime a dozen on sale. But when using such cosmetics, you should remember: the highlighter is applied only to flat areas of the skin. Otherwise, the “gentle glow” will simply accentuate pores, wrinkles and other imperfections. And the image, instead of "young and fresh", will begin to be perceived as sloppy and fading.

8. Too dense tone or thick layer of powder


Of course, you do not allow this, but just in case, we remind you: this is one of the most common mistakes in makeup. In addition to the fact that such a "mask" looks unnatural, the tone and powder are still hammered into the smallest irregularities of the skin and mimic wrinkles, which you might not even have guessed about. The thicker the layer of tone or powder, the more distinct this micro-relief. More wrinkles - you look older. Is it logical?

9. Refusal of the corrector or the wrong choice of its tone

Many people have dark circles under the eyes in their youth, and with age, when the skin becomes thinner, they become even more pronounced. It will not work to hide this flaw with foundation, but the concealer will do it with a bang. If, of course, you choose the right tone. Common greenish concealers, which successfully mask redness, will not work here: they will add an earthiness to the skin tone. To mask purple circles, you need a peach or pale yellow corrector.

Just don't overdo it! If you apply concealer too tightly, you may get a blemish effect on your face. And uneven pigmentation is one of the main signs of age.

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