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How to easily keep your home tidy using triggers
How to easily keep your home tidy using triggers

A simple way will help you not to leave cleaning up for later.

How to easily keep your home tidy using triggers
How to easily keep your home tidy using triggers

If you keep forgetting about small household chores (and put them off every time), try to associate them with the activities you do every day. For example, with a cup of morning coffee or turning off the TV. In this case, this first action will become a trigger - something that automatically pulls a new habit with it.

A trigger can be anything: a specific place, time of day, event, or person. Think about what you are already doing easily and how to relate it to cleaning. Here are five examples to get you started.

1. Clean the toilet after going to the toilet for the first time in the morning

We often postpone this responsibility, although in fact it takes very little time. In the morning, pour some cleaning agent into the toilet and go over it with a brush. If you do this every day, you will always have clean plumbing.

2. Load the washing machine while brewing tea or coffee

Dirty laundry can accumulate for a very long time, until it turns out that you have nothing to wear to work or that there are no clean towels in the house. To wash regularly, associate this activity with one of the most common habits. You will definitely not forget to have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, which means you will not be left without fresh linen.

You probably won't need to do your laundry every day, so set aside a specific day of the week for that. And if you have very little time in the morning, put the wash on while the dinner warms up.

3. Tidy up the bathroom when the wash is over

After the laundry is washed and hung, clean the bathroom. Wipe down the mirror and cabinets, clean the sink and tub, and throw away debris if it has accumulated. All this will take no more than half an hour.

4. Clear the table before extinguishing the table lamp

At the end of the day, lay out all the papers in their places, get rid of debris, dust off, take away the mug and other utensils. Then the next day you will start from scratch, and it will be easier to concentrate on work.

5. Tidy up the room as soon as the TV was turned off

Take the accumulated dishes to the kitchen. Whisk and arrange the cushions gently. Collect the crumbs and discard with your other waste. Remove everything that is now out of place. This way you will never have a mess in your room.

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