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How to get rid of a complex due to small breasts
How to get rid of a complex due to small breasts

Bust size does not define you as a person, and bigger breasts are unlikely to make you happier.

How to get rid of a complex due to small breasts
How to get rid of a complex due to small breasts

Where does the complex come from

1. A problem from childhood

It all starts from adolescence. Girlfriends have the first bras, followed by boyfriends. It's a shame to change clothes in physical education, you persuade you to buy a bra for your parents too, but in response you hear: "Why?"

Small bust: Complex due to small breasts
Small bust: Complex due to small breasts

2. Stereotypes imposed by society

On the covers of magazines and in movies - beauties with a magnificent bust. Ideal parameters, calculated to the centimeter, for which for some reason all women need to strive.

3. Unsuccessful relationships

Your young man hinted or said openly that he likes bigger breasts and that it would be nice for you to do something with yours.

What influences men's preferences

There are several theories about the reasons for men's interest in female breasts, as well as possible factors that influence size preferences. And none of them give women with a small bust a reason for complexes.

1. Striving for fatherhood

Some evolutionary biologists believe What Is It About Men and Breast Size? that men subconsciously associate a woman's breasts and, in particular, her size with procreation. Large breasts signalize the health of the chosen one, the ability to bring and feed offspring. In the study, Preferred female body proportions among child-free men. it turned out that men who are ready to have children prefer women with large breasts. And those who do not plan children are happy with the small breasts of the companion and consider the impressive size less attractive.

2. Financial situation

Scientists, trying to find a scientific explanation for the preferences of men, conducted some more interesting studies of Resource Security Impacts Men’s Female Breast Size Preferences. The first is looking for a link between financial status and social status of a man and preferred breast size. It turned out that men with low earnings and social status chose large breasts, while those who were financially wealthy preferred medium size.

3. Feeling hungry

The second part of the same study tested hungry and well-fed men. The hungry participants found larger breasts attractive than the full ones. Scientists have concluded that the results of this and previous studies are consistent.

Men who feel a lack of any resources prefer larger breasts than those who do not need anything.

4. Sexist views

And finally: men who adhere to sexist views prefer Men’s Oppressive Beliefs Predict Their Breast Size Preferences in Women large breasts, small or medium.

Why is it important to get rid of the complex

Any complex or self-doubt reduces the quality of life. You are afraid that someone will notice your push-up. You don't buy an open dress because you think you are not sexy enough for it. Or you feel embarrassed to approach the man you like because of low self-esteem.

But the chest is not you, but only a part of your body, on which you do not need to focus all your attention.

The complex of small breasts can develop into serious self-doubt: at first you are unhappy with the size or shape, then you realize that your nose is not very good, and the little toe of your left foot could be prettier. And if you are 100% sure that implants (and only they) will make you truly happy, most likely they are not.

The beauty standards imposed by society are changing. Yesterday, triple volume eyelash extensions, watermelon silicone breasts and baboon-like lips were the dream objects of many girls. Today, fortunately, natural beauty and health are in trend. And that breast, which nature has awarded you, is worthy of love and respect.

How to stop being complex

Small bust: How to stop being complex
Small bust: How to stop being complex

1. Remember that women's breasts are beautiful. And the size is not important here.

2. Love and accept yourself. Confidence attracts much more than breasts (if we talk about a serious relationship, of course).

3. Stop worrying about what others think of you. You are not a million dollars to be wanted by everyone. And that's okay.

4. Think that women with large breasts are as complex as you are because of this.

5. Treat yourself with irony.

6. Do not project your thoughts onto other people: you think that at the first glance at you a person thinks: "How small she is!" And it didn't even occur to him.

7. Know that many girls with small breasts are proud of this 9 women reveal why they’re proud of their small boobs. Why are you worse?

8. If the complex prevents you from living a normal life and nothing helps, contact a psychotherapist and sort out the problem.

9. Find the pros of small breasts:

  • Men like her: many people prefer that their breasts just fit in the palm of their hand. And if a young man broke up with you because of the size of the chest, exhale. You are very lucky, and now you can find someone who will truly love you.
  • You don't need to wear a bra.
  • Small breasts look neat and aristocratic.
  • You will not have back pain due to a heavy bust.
  • You look younger with it.
  • You can wear a dress with a deep neckline, and this will not make you look like a girl of easy virtue. You can wear whatever you want.
  • Your breasts will most likely not sag with age (well, or look less sad).
  • Sleeping on your stomach or sunbathing is comfortable.

Love yourself for who you are. This is the most valuable quality.

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