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How to make the missionary pose so much cooler
How to make the missionary pose so much cooler

Take a vibrator, pillow and take a deep breath.

9 ways to make the missionary pose so much cooler
9 ways to make the missionary pose so much cooler

Why everyone loves the missionary position and what's wrong with it

It is natural and comfortable. It does not require extra effort and is almost an ideal position for lazy sex. The missionary position is the simplest way to stimulate all the sensitive points on a woman's body at once: the chest, the clitoris, and the G-spot.

In fact, this pose has only one major drawback. She is so comfortable and popular that she quickly becomes boring and begins to seem boring. And missionary sex, respectively, is insipid and not arousing.

Some lovers, having eaten the classics, rush to extremes: they try to fit into one intimate session and doggy-style, and 69, and even fingering with fisting. Of course, these are also interesting practices. But you can return the taste to the missionary position using simpler methods.

9 missionary positions you should try

1. With a "friend"

This is not about threesome sex (although this is an interesting experiment), but about a vibrator. The device will add elements of the game and increase the excitement, and at the same time for both partners. Perhaps the girl will experience an orgasm even before it comes to traditional sex.

If you don't have a vibrator, you can use your tongue. Cunnilingus is an excellent aperitif for the main missionary dish.

2. With massage

One of the beauties of the missionary position is extensive skin-to-skin contact. Feel this moment and intensify it. Cuddle up to your partner as closely as possible, wrap your arms and legs around your body, caress your back and hips.

Imagine that you are desperately hungry and can only get enough by touching. "Eat" your partner in an embrace.

3. Eye to eye

Another undeniable advantage of the missionary position is the ability to see your partner's face. True, they rarely use it and prefer to close their eyes from pleasure.

Try to break the usual course of things: agree that you will look each other in the eyes all the time, until the very end. Eye contact enhances the sense of intimacy. And to see the eyes of a loved one when he is experiencing an orgasm is a very acute experience. They say that some even start crying at such moments. Check if you hold back.

4. With a pillow under the thighs

Everything is simple here: when a woman raises her hips, the angle of the entrance to the vagina changes. The male member more actively stimulates its upper wall, and it is there that the cherished point G is located. Therefore, the sensations from missionary sex with a pillow under the thighs are much brighter.

5. With hugs legs

Missionary Leg Hug
Missionary Leg Hug

The woman pulls her knees to her chest and hugs the man with her legs, closing them on his back. The miracles of flexibility should not be demonstrated: it is enough for the partner's calves to be approximately on the partner's waist. In this position, the vagina is somewhat shortened, which means that the penis reaches the cervix.

Men feel the changes especially sharply: their orgasm with such hugs can come faster than usual.

6. With cross legs

As soon as the man enters, the woman brings her straight legs as close as possible, even crossing them if possible. Thus, the entrance to the vagina becomes narrower and tighter, tightly wraps around the penis. And this exacerbates the sensations in both partners.

7. With bent knees

Bent Knees Missionary Position
Bent Knees Missionary Position

This option will require some flexibility from the woman, but it's worth it. The partner bends her knees and pulls them to her chest. And then he spreads it slightly so that the partner can lie on top. It is not very convenient, but in this position the entire surface of the vulva and clitoris is additionally stimulated. Unusual and vibrant sensations are guaranteed.

8. With coital alignment technique

Missionary Position with Coital Alignment Technique
Missionary Position with Coital Alignment Technique

The man lies down on top, but then shifts his hips slightly higher than usual. In this case, the penis enters the vagina almost vertically.

It is not necessary to make the usual penetrating movements - sliding ones are important. The pubic bone of the partner will rub against the clitoris, and this will give exactly the stimulation that many women need for an unforgettable orgasm.

9. With deep breathing

The deeper you breathe, the sharper you feel. Start with slow frictions and inhale in time with them, trying to concentrate on your sensations. When both of you have mastered deep breathing, add a little play to the sex: have the partner adjust the rhythm of penetration to the partner's inhalation and exhalation. This will trigger the mechanism of empathy, and you will truly feel as one.

The bonus is a memorable orgasm, of course. But against the background of a feeling of incredible closeness, these are such trifles …

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