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13 small town business ideas that will work
13 small town business ideas that will work

Inhabitants of the hinterland are unlikely to appreciate the exotic. But they will be sincerely grateful to you for the things you need at affordable prices.

13 small town business ideas that will work
13 small town business ideas that will work

Doing business in a city with a population of less than 50 thousand people is not at all the same as doing it in a millionaire. Even at the planning stage, you need to take into account the local specifics, which have their pros and cons. Here are the main ones:

  • Low purchasing power. People in the outback, on average, earn less than in large cities. It is unlikely that they will be spent on luxury products, as well as on all kinds of "exotic". So a branded jewelry boutique, vegan restaurant, or a VIP barber with a solid bill runs the risk of not finding its customers.
  • Problems with qualified personnel. This can become a barrier to starting a high-tech business: you simply won't find the right specialists. And it won't be easy to lure them out of the big city.
  • Low threshold of entry. And this is a definite plus. Starting a business in a small town is cheaper than in a metropolis, thanks to sparing rental, advertising and labor costs.
  • Low competition. Often in a small settlement it is difficult or even nowhere to purchase the necessary goods and services. You have to use the only alternative or even travel to the regional center. And this factor can play into your hands.

Having studied in detail what exactly the residents of the town lack, you will be able to occupy an empty niche, and eventually expand your business to neighboring regional centers. Let's start by looking at a few proven ideas.

1. Point of sale of shawarma

Shawarma (shawarma) is a favorite snack option on the go. Its preparation does not require special culinary skills, and the price is acceptable even for people with low incomes.

A hearty and unpretentious snack is quite capable of replacing a full meal and is in steady demand. The main thing is to find a good place to trade. It can be a bus stop, a market, a park. However, thanks to mobility, you can experiment with different locations and you will definitely find the most profitable one.

2. Pizzeria

It's hard to imagine a more popular dish than pizza. It is ordered both for lunch on a weekday and for the festive table. Even if there is already an establishment in the town that specializes in this dish, due to the high demand, you will be able to find your clientele.

This business comes in several formats. The most profitable is pizza delivery. You do not need to open a retail outlet: you take orders by phone or on the Internet and bring the dish to your home. The second option is a kiosk or mini-establishment for a couple of tables, which sells takeaway pizza.

The third format - a full-fledged pizzeria - requires serious investments and experience in the restaurant business. But the game is worth the candle: in a small town, such a catering establishment can become a favorite place for family vacations, birthdays and holidays.

3. Mini-bakery

In addition to traditional bread, such a bakery can offer customers pita bread, baguettes, flat cakes, rolls, pies with a wide variety of fillings. And the best advertisement will be the aroma of fresh baked goods. But it must be remembered that these products have a very short shelf life. It should be sold out instantly, so it is important to choose a place with a guaranteed high flow of people.

4. Repair shop

Due to low salaries, residents of small towns are in no hurry to take broken things to the trash heap. It is usually cheaper to fix them than to buy new ones. Therefore, workshops for the repair of equipment, clothing and footwear, as well as the provision of services for hauling upholstered furniture promise a guaranteed profit.

5. Key making workshop

This business does not require a lot of investment, but you will need the skills of a toolmaker to fulfill orders with quality.

For opening, it is recommended to choose a crowded place: next to a public transport stop, on the territory of a market or supermarket. You also need to make sure that there are no workshops in the neighborhood that provide similar services. However, you can try to entice the clientele with favorable prices or faster service.

6. Grinding workshop

Contrary to popular belief, sharpening services are needed not only for single women. They are also readily used by men who want to extend the life of knives, drills, axes and saws.

Other potential clients include hairdressing and nail salons, cafes and canteens, as well as any industry where cutting tools are in use. At the same time, the competition in the market is relatively low, and in many towns such a service is generally absent.

7. Second-hand store

In second-hand stores, clothes are often of an order of magnitude better than on the market. And at the same time, even pensioners can afford it. In addition to a stationary store, you can consider the option of outbound trade in the nearest villages and towns. It is important to create a clear schedule and follow it so that your customers know when to expect you.

8. Shop in the format "Everything for one price"

Stores of goods at a fixed price attract not only their cheapness, but also a wide selection. Here, as a rule, you can buy a lot of useful little things - from table lamps to stationery and children's toys. In this case, it is easier to use a franchise with a ready-made assortment.

9. Small fitness club

Ideas for a healthy lifestyle have penetrated even the most remote corners of the country. But not all of them are covered by the corresponding services. A cozy fitness club with a subscription at an affordable price and competent instructors can attract a lot of grateful audience. Especially if your gym is the only one for many kilometers around.

10. Beauty salon with low prices

Even men sometimes spend money on a haircut. And women - regardless of where they live - are even more willing to invest in manicure, neat eyebrows, makeup and fashionable hairstyle. An additional source of income can be the sale of professional cosmetics, which are difficult to find in small towns.

11. Point with children's entertainment

In small towns, there are not many entertainment options for children. There are amusement parks far from everywhere. You can fill this niche by opening a mini-car or mini-trampoline rental point in a park, square, or city square. For such a business, you do not need to have specific knowledge. And the income will be higher if you have a truck on which you can transport equipment.

12. Children's goods store

Everything related to children is in demand. Study the offerings of competitors and figure out what the local parents are missing. Perhaps these are clothes for babies up to two years old or. It is better if your store presents several groups of goods, including the most popular ones - diapers, baby food. Immediately discard expensive branded items or offer their delivery exclusively on order.

13. English courses for children and adolescents

Parents who care about their children's education understand the importance of English. And in schools with this subject now there are big problems - even in cities with a population of one million. Conveniently located courses will help fill educational gaps and also provide additional income for teachers. From whatever side you look, it is a noble cause. And profitable.

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