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9 in-demand professions with a steep salary that you can master from scratch
9 in-demand professions with a steep salary that you can master from scratch

If work does not bring joy or money is constantly lacking, it's time to master a new specialty. Together with Skillbox, we have collected popular professions that not only inspire, but also pay well. At the end of the article, look for a promo code that will give you a 55% discount on tuition.

9 in-demand professions with a steep salary that you can master from scratch
9 in-demand professions with a steep salary that you can master from scratch

Data scientist

  • Average salary: 104 thousand rubles.

A Data Scientist is a specialist who analyzes data, builds models on its basis, and makes predictions for the future. Most often, representatives of this profession work with big data - big data. Information is collected from a variety of sources: from sensors in cars and mechanisms to forms on websites and social media feeds. Big data analytics helps companies make the right decisions, lower costs, and dramatically increase profits.

In their work, analysts use neural networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Specialists are in demand today, and this profession will be relevant for a long time.

With Skillbox, you can master a profession in 18 months. The course includes the basics of Python and working with its libraries for pandas, NumPy and Matplotlib data analysis, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MongoDB databases, frameworks for training neural networks TensorFlow and Keras, tools for creating interactive graphics. During the training, you will create your own recommendation system - it will become part of your portfolio.

Python developer

  • Average salary: 120 thousand rubles.

The Python programming language is powerful yet easy to learn. It has a laconic syntax, and the standard library has everything you need to create programs for various purposes. Parts of Google projects and YouTube video service, social networks Facebook and Instagram, cloud storage Dropbox are written in Python. It is used to create website engines and large industrial systems, games and mobile applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

The advantage of Python is that it is very difficult to "shoot yourself in the foot" - to make a mistake in the code that is difficult to find and which can have serious consequences. Therefore, it will be easier for novice developers to get comfortable and start writing effective code.

Now the basics of Python are taught even at school. But with Skillbox, you can achieve more - and in just 12 months. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you will learn how to create various programs (from scripts to chat bots), test and optimize them, master the work with databases and the Git version control system. With these skills, you can get a job as a junior Python developer - in the office or remotely.

Java developer

  • Average salary: 130 thousand rubles.

Java is a universal programming language. It is convenient to use it both for the development of online services for large banks, educational projects, medicine and insurance, and for the creation of the Internet of Things: from smart home appliances to industrial systems with many sensors.

Java programmers are in demand in a wide variety of fields, so you will definitely find a job to your liking. For example, you can develop web applications, program robotic surgeons for medical startups, or even create solutions for smart cities.

Today, Java programs are used on three billion devices in the world, and the number of gadgets is constantly growing. In the course, you will learn how to create such programs and improve them. You will master the basic approaches to software development, be able to apply design patterns and choose the appropriate data structures, understand the Git version control system and MySQL databases. Practical teachers will teach you how to optimize code and work with distributed computing, as well as introduce you to Java-like languages - Kotlin and Scala. All this in 9 months.

Android developer

  • Average salary: 125 thousand rubles.

Modern life cannot be imagined without mobile applications: with their help we communicate and relax, plan a schedule and budget, do fitness and make purchases. They wake us up in the morning and help us fall asleep after a busy day.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world; it even surpassed Windows. The number of Android devices on the planet surpassed the 2.5 billion mark a year ago. Android developer is a profession with broad perspectives. You can work for a company or freelance, launch your own projects, publish applications in stores and receive income from them.

If you sign up for Skillbox, then in a few months you will be able to create a full-fledged Android application and publish it on Google Play, even if you have never written a code before. And at the end of the course - in 20 months - you will apply for a middle position.

You will be taught how to work on Kotlin - Google has declared it a priority programming language for Android. There are far fewer Kotlin developers than Java developers, and this is definitely in your favor: less competition means more interesting offers.

Web developer

  • Average salary: 100 thousand rubles.

Developers who know how to build a website from scratch are valued in many companies. Such specialists understand both the front-end (the part of the site that the user sees) and the back-end (the code that makes the resource work).

A good web developer can make up a landing page and connect a payment system, and make orders from an online store go directly to 1C. He is aware of the latest trends in web design and the latest frameworks, is proficient in project management techniques and successfully works in a team.

With the "" course from Skillbox, in just two months you will be able to put your knowledge into practice, receive your first orders and earn money.

Web Designer

High Pay Professions: Web Designer
High Pay Professions: Web Designer
  • Average salary: 100 thousand rubles.

If you want to get into IT but don't plan to study programming, web design is an interesting option. A web designer makes websites not only beautiful, but also user-friendly: he is responsible for presenting content and high-quality UI / UX (user interface and user experience).

Such a specialist does not need to be able to draw - a sense of style, logic and basic knowledge of psychology are more important. You can work in the office or remotely, for a company or for yourself - if you decide to become a freelancer or start your own design bureau.

Skillbox teachers use examples from practice in their work: they help to understand the correct presentation of content and the specifics of the digital environment, teach how to create an effective and convenient design. You will also learn how to communicate with users, customers and developers to get the information you really need from them. You will be able to design sites that will bring benefits, income, and aesthetic pleasure.

Internet marketer

  • Average salary: 80 thousand rubles.

Today it is not enough to create a good product - you need to be able to present it competently and sell it profitably. Therefore, Internet marketers are in demand in the labor market. These are specialists who work in several directions at once. They analyze the market and target audience, develop a promotion strategy, create contextual advertising, come up with banners and target advertising campaigns to the right people.

After Skillbox, you will learn how to work with different Internet platforms - from social networks to search engines. You can calculate their effectiveness, develop media plans and promotion strategies. Also, learn to work with SEO tools and analytics to promote your customers' products and services or your own products. There are also bonuses: the course will teach you how to create websites on Tilda and process graphics in Photoshop.

Interior designer

  • Average salary: 52 thousand rubles.

New buildings are growing and multiplying, renovation is in full swing, and no one canceled the repairs in the "secondary housing": everyone wants to live in cozy spaces that inspire and energize. An interior designer makes a house beautiful and comfortable: so that everything is at hand, so that everyone has enough space, so that they want to return to the apartment after work.

The main interior designer tools are ArchiCAD for designing drawings and 3ds Max for visualizing ideas. Aesthetics hides precise calculations, and compositions are built taking into account the wishes of the customer and the rules of modern design.

Skillbox will teach you how to create elegant and ergonomic interiors, select finishing materials, textures, color combinations. You can create an interior from scratch or a redevelopment project for a room, present it to a client and, together with contractors, bring it to life. You will get an up-to-date profession for working in a studio or starting your own business. By the way, 52,000 rubles is far from the limit, great designers earn up to 200,000 rubles a month.

Residential and commercial interior designer

High-paying professions: Residential and commercial interior designer
High-paying professions: Residential and commercial interior designer
  • Average salary: 60 thousand rubles.

If the office of a company reflects its values, the business has a better chance of becoming successful: both clients and partners will notice a thoughtful design. If the cafe is cozy and beautiful, more visitors will come there. Customers will appreciate it if the store refreshes the interior to be more modern.

A competent designer can help with all these tasks. The specialist must understand what tasks the interior solves, be able to work with documentation and present solutions. His goal is to create a project that will impress the customer, ensure efficient use of space and give positive emotions.

For the course "" Skillbox teachers have collected a powerful theoretical base and practical examples. They will teach you how to create popular interiors, prepare documentation and visualize projects. A 12 month course can be the first step in your design career. An excellent option for those who want to do what they love and earn decent money. The salary of top specialists in this area is more than 200,000 rubles per month.

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The decision to change your profession should not be postponed indefinitely. The sooner you start learning, the faster you will master the theory and get the necessary practical skills. And the sooner you will find a new cool job.

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