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What do you actually earn with a black salary
What do you actually earn with a black salary

A salary in an envelope entails a lot of problems and a powerless existence.

What do you actually earn with a black salary
What do you actually earn with a black salary

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What are salaries and why

Everyone seems to know about salaries of different colors. But let's repeat it so that the further conversation is more substantive.

White salary

You are officially registered, with a corresponding entry in the labor force, and your salary is also paid officially. This means that personal income tax is withheld from it. In addition, the employer contributes money to the Pension Fund, social and compulsory health insurance funds. Your relationship with the company is transparent and understandable.

Black salary

You are not on the staff of the company, your salary is given in an envelope. Nobody pays any taxes for you. You are officially considered unemployed.

Gray salary

You are registered as an employee of the company. Part of the salary is given to you officially, taxes are withheld from it. You get the rest in an envelope.

Such a scheme is usually introduced not at all for the comfort of the employee. As a rule, the official part of income is equal to the subsistence minimum in the region, and this allows the organization to successfully brainwash the tax authorities. At the same time, if you are registered, you can already be held liable, conclude an employment contract with a ban on disclosing information, and so on.

What do you get by agreeing to a black salary


Often, workers even rejoice at a non-white salary: they can not pay the tax on personal income to the state. In fact, it turns out that this benefit is dubious. Especially considering all the shortcomings.

Legal insecurity

With a black salary, you are not registered in the state. You do not have any leverage over the employer in a disputable situation. Accordingly, he can:

  • Fire you just by saying, "Don't come again."
  • Not paying salary for the past month.
  • Do not give compensation for unused vacation.
  • Fine for anything on your entire salary.

It will not be easy to prove your case in court, because there are no documents. And if you still manage to confirm the fact of work, it may turn out to be sideways for you.

According to the law, you will be forced to pay off the entire amount of unpaid tax and will be issued a fine of 20% of it. If you knew that taxes were not paid (and you, of course, knew), then the penalty will reach 40%.

For example, you worked in a company for a year and a half, received 40 thousand rubles a month, and during this time you did not pay personal income tax of 93 600 rubles. Together with a fine of 40%, more than 131 thousand are issued. Parting with such a sum because of your own carelessness is sad, isn't it?

So you have to choose what you need more: to hold the employer to account or not to get into the field of view of the tax office.

With a gray salary, you will not be far from this scheme. You will be fired as expected, with a record in the labor force. But they can pay according to the official income, that is, according to the minimum wage.

Tiny vacation pay

If you are a good worker, you are unlikely to be left without vacation pay. But you must understand that this is exclusively the goodwill of the employer. You may not be paid at all. If you want to have a rest, have a rest at your own expense. If you do not agree, go back to the paragraph "Legal insecurity".

With a gray salary, everything is also not easy. Vacation pay can be calculated based on the size of the minimum wage. Now it is 11,280 rubles.

The formula for calculating vacation pay takes into account additional conditions. But let's say you received 11,280 rubles officially during the previous year. In this case, a day of your vacation will cost only 385 rubles. Go on vacation for 10 days with 3,850 rubles and do not deny yourself anything.

No sick leave

If you fall ill with something that is fast and relatively harmless, you may be allowed to work from home on a paycheck basis. But an employee who has gone to bed seriously and for a long time is hardly needed by an organization that does not care about compliance with laws. What will you get paid? Nothing.

A gray salary will bring nanopayments along with it.

Let's say you received the same 11,280 rubles in the last two years - charges for this period are used to calculate sick leave. The largest amount you can claim is 371 rubles. Multiply it by the number of days of illness to make you feel sad.

All this will affect if you decide to go on maternity leave.

Small pension

The life hacker wrote in detail how the pension is calculated, and everything is not easy there. It is important to know that this is influenced by the length of service and the amount of contributions to the Pension Fund. With a black salary, you have neither one nor the other.

Now you may think that you do not need a pension from the state. But life is long, and even a modest amount can help you out in the future.

With a gray salary, seniority goes, but the amount of deductions leaves much to be desired.

Mortgage refusal

Banks love clients with a fairly high and stable income. They are ready to give them loans for a large amount and at a fairly low interest rate. It's just that the chances that the money will be returned are high, so the financial institution does not need to additionally insure the risks.

An officially unemployed person can get a loan, but at a very high interest rate. But often only muddy banks or microfinance organizations can agree to this.

Inability to receive tax deduction

The state has many tax deductions for every taste. For example, when buying an apartment, you can return up to 260 thousand rubles at the expense of personal income tax - but only if you pay it. If the salary is black, forget about deductions, if it is gray, you will receive the due amount for a penny and for a very long time.

Why getting a black salary is bad


We figured out how unofficial earnings can affect you. But you yourself are able to think about yourself. (Or not, but then that's just your problem.) More seriously, black salaries harm society as a whole.

You assist criminals

And it's not just about economic crimes in the form of tax evasion.

One of the main problems of Russia is that the law is not respected everywhere in our country. People do not pay taxes, even if they can easily pay them, they drive at top speed, when they are not in a hurry, they litter next to the trash can. But this feeling of impunity is illusory: thousands of people die in car accidents every year, the planet is inexorably polluted, and businessmen who give out salaries in envelopes noticeably limit themselves and the development of their business.

It is especially a pity for only graduated students who receive their first salaries in black. They begin to think that this is how the world works. This is dangerous, because laws exist precisely to set reasonable boundaries in society. If one law is designated as optional, people begin to question others. What else is permissible: not to pay taxes, steal, open an illegal business?

Most of all, society is harmed not even by the fact of black salaries, but by the hypocrisy that goes with it. Everyone knows that something illegal is happening, but they diligently pretend that it is not. This gives rise to distrust of the world and others. The cynicism that comes with the violation of the law then spreads to how people behave, how they raise children and communicate with each other.

You are driving taxes up

While you rejoice at how cleverly you thought of avoiding taxes, because the state still spends money on the wrong thing, it is dissatisfied with the amount of fees. In some cases, the authorities use gingerbread in the form of a law on self-employed with the amount of deductions much less than personal income tax.

But the state will still get its own, for example, by increasing other taxes.

You support business irresponsibility

Leave conversations about how employee and employer merge in the fight against unfair inspections for Friday drinking. The scheme, in which there is an evil state and the poor, unhappy everyone else, is very naive. Especially if the "victims" make every effort to shape the world in which they live.

The business of a healthy person can spend money sparingly while increasing capital, but one day it must reach a level that implies social responsibility. Companies with black salaries for any income will work only for their own pocket. Paying money in an envelope, they do not care about you at all. They think only of themselves, and this is unlikely to change.

Konstantin Nigmatzyanov Chief Accountant of Win Pay.

Black salaries generate an extremely negative social trend. People are taught to think that a “bad” state does not allow companies to work normally, and a “good” company gives the employee the penny he needs in an envelope.

At the same time, due to the prevalence of such a practice, employees begin to perceive this as the norm, because "everyone is like this." As a result, the cash turnover in the country is growing, the shadow sector of the economy is rejoicing, and Rosfinmonitoring grabs its head, and completely white firms are blocked under 115-FZ.

Which exit? Switch to non-cash, pay taxes and not multiply entropy. If you want a healthy economy, start with yourself.

You are moving in the opposite direction to the rule of law

“It’s not a shame to steal from the state”, “You would also steal in its place”, “Laws are written in order to violate them” - three pillars on which the collective Russian legal consciousness rests.

You can not throw garbage on the lawn, and then complain about the utilities that they do not clean and dirt everywhere.

That is, technically, of course, you can. A lot of people live like this in Russia. But if, in principle, you expect to live better someday - not you personally, but with a certain community that surrounds you - such a position will lead nowhere. So yes, you personally are to blame for the existing lawlessness and decline.