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7 simple habits to keep you out of the clutter at home
7 simple habits to keep you out of the clutter at home

Tips to help keep your home clean and tidy at all times.

7 simple habits to keep you out of the clutter at home
7 simple habits to keep you out of the clutter at home

A few years ago, Joshua decided to change his life and get rid of all unnecessary things. For 9 months, he and his wife reduced their property by 50%, and then by all 70%. A few years later, they moved to a smaller house.

The less things you have, the more tidy and orderly your home becomes. These simple habits will help keep it that way. Each of them will take just a couple of minutes.

1. Sort paper mail

Don't accumulate mail, sort it out right away. Throw away promotional letters, put bills and other important papers in a separate folder.

2. Wash dishes immediately after eating

Think of this as the last leg of your lunch or dinner. By rinsing the dishes right away or loading them into the dishwasher, you can save time. The food particles will not have time to dry yet, and it will be easier to wash them. And the kitchen will be clean all day.

3. Make your bed

The bed is the center of the bedroom. If it is charged, it affects the atmosphere of the entire room. And if you leave it disassembled, the space around is littered. Therefore, the first step in cleaning a bedroom is to make the bed. And the first step to living well is to do it every morning.

4. Don't leave things on the kitchen table

Clutter attracts clutter. If you put everything on the kitchen table, it quickly turns into a kind of chaos. A clean table sets you up for calm and order. And it also helps to ensure that it is used for its intended purpose.

5. In the evening, put everything in its place

Each item in the house should have its own purpose and place. At the end of the day, be sure to put everything away in the designated areas. Then in the morning you won't have to search for something in a hurry.

6. Don't put off things that can be done in 1-2 minutes

The mess is the result of procrastination. Introduce a simple rule for yourself: if a job can be done in two minutes, do it. Take out the trash, wash the pan, put the TV remote back in place, put the dirty things in the wash. This will avoid sources of confusion.

7. Clean up the cluttered places immediately

Clutter occurs when too many things accumulate in a space that is too small. Too many clothes in the drawer, toiletries in the locker, or items on the shelf. As soon as you notice this, immediately get rid of unnecessary things.

Don't put it off until later. It will take no more than 15 minutes to complete, but you will not let the clutter grow.