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How to choose a movie for a first date
How to choose a movie for a first date

Adam Sandler, Ryan Gosling, Quentin Tarantino and a couple of other people will definitely not help guys get to the second date.

How to choose a movie for a first date
How to choose a movie for a first date

For all the banality, a movie date is convenient. Firstly, out of the three or four hours measured for him, about two you will not have to talk at all, and then immediately there will be at least one topic for conversation. Secondly, in a dark room you can afford a little more than in a park. At the very least, sneak away if things go wrong.

However, it is easy to screw up here too, because the main thing in a cinema is still cinema. Below are 10 types of movies that can turn a date with a girl into a horror.

1. Films with too attractive actors

You will be compared to exes, boyfriends of girlfriends and former boyfriends of girlfriends anyway. And if you have hope in this fight, then Michael Fassbender and Bradley Cooper may not leave a chance.

You can be infinitely confident in yourself until Ryan Gosling in shiny shoes tells your girlfriend that only losers dress in GAP and drink cocktails in a bar through a straw, and only Steve Jobs is allowed to wear sneakers.


2. Films with ideal characters

In order not to face the syndrome of high expectations, just in case, exclude films with noble, intelligent and generous characters, even if you shaved, came on a date with flowers and bought tickets at your own expense. In other words, you can immediately cross out half of the films with Colin Firth and think about the comedies with Simon Pegg or Ben Stiller. So even from an unsuccessful date, there will be a benefit: at least, you will learn how to get out of idiotic situations.

3. Films with a lot of bed scenes

The case when you don't have to go to Fifty Shades of Gray, even if it's the last movie on earth. Try to avoid movies that make her feel uncomfortable, and prepare yourself for the most intimate part of this date to share one popcorn between two.

4. Movies with subtitles

Also known as the main killers of romance. Firstly, documentaries or non-mainstream films from festivals are most often shown with subtitles. There is no certainty that your companion will react to him like Julia Roberts to the opera in Pretty Woman.


Secondly, from the last row (a tribute to the classics), almost nothing is visible, and you will have to squint and shed tears throughout the film, as while watching "Hachiko". Thirdly, in order not to miss anything important, you will constantly look at the screen, and when the light is turned on, you risk finding an empty chair next to it.

5. Melodramas

In an ideal world, a girl starts crying, and you, with the words "well, well," hand her a handkerchief. In reality, she may find out ahead of time that you, too, are shedding a tear over the adaptations of Nicholas Sparks, and hate you a little for your red nose and ruined makeup.

6. Aggressive films

It is assumed that it is on the first dates that joint memories and jokes that only you understand will begin to form. I think you hardly want them to be related to the way someone is blown out their brains in the Tarantino film.

7. Films with a complex plot

A movie date is also a test of how well you fit together emotionally and intellectually. The check will fail if, after viewing, both of you cannot say anything other than "what was that?"

It is dangerous to go not only to David Lynch or Lars von Trier, but to films like Inception or Arrival. The script should be such that you can easily get distracted, and then continue from anywhere and pick up the meaning.

8. Long films

It is unlikely that "Saving Private Ryan" saved even one date in the history of mankind. Choose something in the region of one and a half to two hours, otherwise the girl may get tired of you even before you tell how you are doing at work.


9. Films of your favorite directors

If by the time of the first date you have a more serious relationship with Woody Allen than with a girl, then do not rush to introduce them. After all, you're unlikely to be prepared to find out that Machete Kills her more than Magic of Moonlight.

10. Films with Adam Sandler

Do I need to say more?