Why are we doomed to be alone and why it shouldn't scare us
Why are we doomed to be alone and why it shouldn't scare us

It is assumed that a person worthy of respect never feels lonely, unless they have moved to another country or lost a close relative. In fact, the feeling of loneliness is an integral part of our existence, and there are several reasons for this.

Why are we doomed to be alone and why it shouldn't scare us
Why are we doomed to be alone and why it shouldn't scare us

1. More often than not, what we would like to share with others causes misunderstanding or rejection. Many of our thoughts may seem too strange, contradictory, vague, or even intimidating. Therefore, we have to choose between honesty and what is considered acceptable in society. For obvious reasons, we usually opt for the latter.

2. Everyone is primarily focused on himself. It takes a lot of energy to listen to the other person and put yourself in their place. Therefore, you should not blame others if during the conversation they cannot give you as much attention as their problems.

3. It is extremely unlikely that we will ever find a person who thinks exactly like us. We yearn for complete harmony, but this is impossible, because we were all born at different times, raised in different environments, and simply arranged differently.

4. In addition, we usually pay more attention to the physical side of the relationship. And it often happens that we spend our life with a person with whom we have nothing to talk about.

No one really understood me, and I did not understand others; people cannot understand each other at all.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Despite all this, loneliness should not scare us or cause discomfort. The feeling of distance from each other does not mean that everything in life is going wrong. You just need to take it for granted. Then we will notice the pluses of being alone.

  • Alone, we can develop our creativity. All creative aspirations stem from the feeling that others will never truly understand us, and the hope that someone, at least many years later, or on the other side of the earth, will still understand.
  • Loneliness deepens our character, makes us think about ourselves and the world around us. This, in turn, helps us develop closer relationships with the people we really care about.
  • Being alone is almost always preferable to pretending and tolerating the conventions of society.