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3 toxic phrases executives shouldn't say
3 toxic phrases executives shouldn't say

These words undermine the confidence of employees and worsen the relationship with them.

3 toxic phrases executives shouldn't say
3 toxic phrases executives shouldn't say

1. "I don't need your advice"

This is said by leaders who do not know how to be part of the team. They don't trust their employees enough to listen to their opinions. Or they think that the boss's job is to rule and control, and only to execute others.

In a difficult situation, it is more useful to look at the problem from different angles, that is, to find out the opinion of the team.

A good leader will try to talk to employees to see the circumstances more clearly and to determine a course of action. Perhaps not everyone will like his solution at first. But it will be more objective, because, before accepting it, the leader took into account different points of view.

2. "I am not responsible for this"

Toxic leaders are in a hurry to relieve themselves of responsibility and shift it onto someone else in order to protect themselves by any means. If you want to be a good leader, try to push your ego aside.

Admitting mistakes does not make the boss weak. On the contrary, it increases trust, shows that he is the same person as everyone else.

When a leader is so sincere, it makes it easier for employees to take risks and try new things. And if they make a mistake in the process, it will be easier for them to admit it.

3. "There is no cause for concern"

Employees are not stupid. If a company is experiencing difficulties or something incomprehensible happens in it, they will feel it. And they'll figure out a leader who pretends to be okay when it is clearly not.

Yes, some things not everyone needs to know. But if a change or difficult time is coming that affects the work and salary of employees, do not keep them in the dark.