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5 ways to get rid of old technology profitably
5 ways to get rid of old technology profitably

In some cases it will be possible not to spend too much, in others - to earn.

5 ways to get rid of old technology profitably
5 ways to get rid of old technology profitably

It is not always legal and correct to just throw out old equipment. If we are talking about bulky waste, it is allowed to carry it only to specially equipped sites. And the devices often contain heavy metals, mercury and other substances hazardous to health. They must be disposed of in a special way. You can get a fine for taking it to an ordinary landfill.

To dispose of the equipment correctly, you need to contact a specialized company and pay for its services. But there are other ways that you can profitably get rid of devices.

1. Give away for free

Since you have to pay for recycling services, it becomes profitable to give away the equipment for free. So you at least go to zero, and not to a minus. The recipient depends on your social circle and the needs of your acquaintances. For example, an old laptop may well become the first computer for a child of friends.

To broaden the circle of potential recipients, you can write a post on social networks or post a message on the free classifieds site. The only caveat: for some reason, the messages "I will give it for free" often attract people who will cut off the phone, but in the end they will make everything look as if you owe them something else. Therefore, sometimes the symbolic price of 100–500 rubles acts as a barrier that cuts off such characters.

Obviously, working devices are more suitable for distribution, albeit morally outdated. Although broken equipment can be taken for spare parts.

2. Hand over to an ecocompany

Not everywhere, but in large cities there are definitely environmental projects that accept technology without requiring additional payment. For example, the service is represented in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ivanovo, Tuapse, Khabarovsk, Samara and Rostov-on-Don. Acceptance points of equipment in different cities are also collected at the Association "SKO Electronics - Utilization".

3. Sell whole

And not only for a symbolic payment, but also for quite real money. For example, you decide to upgrade your microwave and sell an old one. There are many people who will not refuse to get a working device and save money. Even if the microwave is very old, it is still capable of heating food in the country or in the back room.

However, non-working devices can also come in handy. First, for spare parts. And here the older the device, the more profitable it can be sold. Because there is no other way, except for buying a duplicate, to get a spare part. Secondly, you never know what your old stuff can be useful for. For example, the so-called unboxing rooms are becoming popular, where for a certain fee you can destroy furniture, appliances and other household furnishings. Such companies are happy to buy out "inventory".

The easiest way to sell is through free classifieds sites.

4. Sell for parts

If you want to get confused, you can disassemble the equipment yourself and sell each part separately. It will turn out to be more profitable than offering the entire device. Of course, this works if the device has a lot of important spare parts. However, you can never guess what people might need, so it makes sense to offer anything that is more or less useful. For example, in a laptop, sometimes not only the filling is valuable, but also the keyboard or screen frame.

Important: after parsing, you may have potentially harmful parts of the device. Please make sure to dispose of them through specialized collection points.

5. Hand over for recycling for bonuses

Some companies are willing to pick up old equipment, including faulty ones, in exchange for discounts on future purchases. For example, there are such programs in "", "",. accepts old phones in exchange for communication services. In general, find out what offers are in your city. As we have already determined, even recycling that costs nothing is a financial bonus.