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Time management in simple words
Time management in simple words

Traffic jams, queues … All this is brutally eating up time. And also energy! Out of sync will help us all!

Time management in simple words. Out of sync with stream
Time management in simple words. Out of sync with stream

Traffic jams, queues …

All this is brutally eating up time. And also energy!

Out of sync will help us all!

The bottom line is simple: you need to stop following the crowd.

  • Where everything is, there I am.
  • When everything is, then I am.

Let's go straight to the examples!

Traffic jams

How not to get stuck in traffic jams? Simple: you must not be in them at this time.))

Captain obvious
Captain obvious

Let's take Moscow:

  • The busiest month is December (due to snowfall).
  • The busiest days of the week are all weekdays.
  • The busiest hours are from 18:00 to 20:00.

According to Yandex.

In December, on Monday, at 19:00 it will be something like this:


This is known in advance. You will be standing. And for a long time.

The solution is simple - to leave much earlier. Agree with your boss that you will arrive at the office not by 9:00, but by 8:00. Then, of course, to leave early and not get into evening traffic jams.

Just? Yes. Does someone do that? Judging by the traffic jams, few.

Well, getting up at 6 am is easy if you go to bed at 10 pm)) And British scientists recommend this watch for sleeping …

As a result, you save 1–2 hours of time for family, hobbies, and sleep.


You can't get away from the post office. Both rich and poor go there.

And they see a kilometer of grandmothers with receipts in their hands. In the window - a lathered up postal worker with an absent gaze.

Hell is the first half of the day from the 15th to the 25th of the month. Rent…

Simple life hack: avoid these days and come 15 minutes before closing … The people in front of you will be … zero.


The same crowd of grandmothers, but now also coughing.

And again there is a simple life hack: don't go to the hospital on monday!

Many people start fighting for health on Monday! Don't fall into the same mental trap. In general, Monday's advice applies to almost any situation.))

Not much. Throw life hacks on how to avoid queues at clinics in the comments!

Replacing rubber

Snow has fallen, and you stand for hours in the cold. I remember, I remember … But where is the point?

After all, the weather forecast was invented long ago, and you can safely change the wheels five days before the snow. No queues and low prices.

An obvious solution? Judging by the queues for tire fitting, not for everyone.

New Year's chores

They are coming to all of us soon.

In a friendly stream we will rush to Ikea, Auchan and other shops … Again traffic jams at entry / exit, lack of parking spaces, queues inside …

Well, is it really impossible to come at least five days before the New Year?


Do I need to order a new iPhone right away? Or can you wait a month or two?

You have to pay for a novelty: in six months the price of a top smartphone falls by a third! Then maybe buy the phone that was the flagship six months ago?

It's the same with films. Is it worth going to the front ranks for the premiere of the next "Avatar"?


You can take a vacation, like everyone else, in the summer. In the very heat. In the very thing this:

Couple of man on the beach
Couple of man on the beach

Or you can go to the sea at the end of September - during the velvet season! A minimum of people, warm sea, fresh vegetables and fruits in the markets.

And all this at reduced prices for tickets and accommodation! I like this kind of arithmetic!


What desynchronization gives us:

  • We save time by not standing in lines.
  • We save energy and nerves (this is the main thing!).
  • We save money.

Someone will say that he already knew all this. But it is one thing to know, and another to constantly apply!

Let's help each other?

Write to the comments "dead" and "live" time for all this:

  • polyclinic;
  • hypermarket;
  • mail;
  • traffic jams;
  • underground;
  • suburban electric trains;
  • aircraft;
  • auto repair shops;
  • catering (McDuck, KFC …);
  • resorts;
  • ATM machines.

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