How scammers cheat buyers of technology
How scammers cheat buyers of technology

A real case that can be a lesson for all gullible people.

Traed: how scammers cheat buyers of used equipment
Traed: how scammers cheat buyers of used equipment

When buying used equipment online, it is not so difficult to come across scammers. Especially when it comes to purchasing popular gadgets, and even at very attractive prices. In conditions of self-isolation, it is much more difficult to recognize the catch, because sending goods around the city using a courier will no longer surprise anyone. Although this very moment should be alarming. Details of how scammers cheat under the guise of a well-known delivery service, one of the Twitter users.

Found ps4. I wrote to the seller, said that I wanted to come and check everything myself and buy it personally.

He offered to order delivery of goods through Boxberry. I knew that this delivery service existed, so it hardly aroused suspicion, but I tensed a little anyway.

Then the seller with Avito threw me a very nice payment link, I read it that it turns out that the money will freeze and be transferred to the seller only after my signature at the courier, if the goods are not satisfied, the money will be returned to the card, and the Playstation will be taken back to the seller.

I think what a convenient service! Very good!

Then the buyer decided to write to the support service on the same site where the payment was made. Moreover, the seller even specifically specified that it was necessary to write there.

Although the author suspected something was wrong, he did not attach any importance to the strange error with the translation, because all operations were carried out on the website of a large company. Or so he thought. As a result, another 14,000 rubles were debited from him using the link for a refund.

Of course, when you lost so much money, there is a glimmer of hope that this is all a huge mistake)) I think, okay, I'll go directly from the browser to the official boxberry website, find another support service, let them confirm that scammers threw me, otherwise I can't find a place for myself.

Marina naturally stopped responding in the chat, the man in the WhatsApp also disappeared. And 28.000 rubles disappeared (((Today I called the bank, they blocked the card, they said that they naturally could not return the money. They said to go to the police, if they received a request from the bank, they would be returned.

A cop friend said that it was all pointless and easier to score) so for now xs, I'll keep in touch

! P. S. - The purchase was made on Yulia, not on Avito. This probably does not matter much, but I wrote to the sellers on both Yulia and Avito, and they tried to sell this Playstation to me on Yulia, when I wrote the thread - I was under stress and made a mistake, Avito had nothing to do with it. I'm sorry. !

The takeaway from this story is pretty simple - never trust the links that sellers send you. If you want to organize delivery, arrange it yourself through the website of the courier service you need, or use the delivery service of the trading platform. Avito and Yula have such - they do not transfer money to the seller until you receive the goods and make sure of its quality.

You can learn about other methods of cheating when shopping online from a separate material.

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