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24 cool ways to propose to a girl
24 cool ways to propose to a girl

She will surely say yes.

24 cool ways to propose to a girl
24 cool ways to propose to a girl

1. Invite a girl to a rooftop restaurant

When you enter the elevator, press all the buttons. The booth will stop on every floor, and your beloved will read one word from the marriage proposal. (Yes, the words will have to be printed out and pasted on the walls in advance.) When you get to the last floor, all she has to do is say yes.

2. Present the pet she dreamed of

A sure-fire way to win the heart of the pet lover. The main thing is to carefully clarify in advance whether the girl is ready to take care of the pet. If yes, give her a kitten or puppy with a small postcard or medallion with your proposal on its collar.

How to propose to a girl: Present the pet she dreamed of
How to propose to a girl: Present the pet she dreamed of

Well, or attach a message to a bird cage or aquarium.

3. Arrange a film screening

Rent a small movie theater or projector room in a time cafe, or invite a girl to watch a movie in your home. Show instead of him a video that you made from joint videos or photos. Your proposal will be in the credits.

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4. Connect the drone

Date her in a park or any other outdoor area. When the girl comes, direct the quadcopter with the ring and the note to her.

5. Play Scrabble

This method is suitable for a lover of intellectual fun. Just be sure to have your short message on the board at the end of the game. Even if you have to break the rules a little.

How to propose to a girl: Play Scrabble
How to propose to a girl: Play Scrabble

6. Find a bottle with a note

Take an aged bottle, put a ring and a confession note in it, and hide it on the banks of a river, lake, or sea. Invite your beloved to a picnic by the water, "accidentally" find a bottle and give it to the girl. Perhaps it will be difficult for her to open the find. But the content is worth the effort.

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7. Rent a billboard

Let your or her photo with a proposal be pasted on a large billboard that a girl walks by every day.

8. Invite her to the photo booth

When you're making faces, laughing, and taking photos, suddenly pull out your ring. The historic moment will be captured in the picture.


9. Make a website

Create a page with your photos and videos and send it a link. When the girl scrolls to the end, she will see a marriage proposal. She will only have to click on the "Yes" button.

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10. Print your sentence on a T-shirt

When the time is right, take off your sweatshirt and display the message on your chest or back.

11. Change the book

Buy the same book as the one your beloved is reading right now. Cut the box out of the pages and place the ring inside.

How to propose to a girl: Change the book
How to propose to a girl: Change the book

12. Take the girl back to where you first met

Don't tell in advance where you are going. Let it be a surprise. When you get there, propose to the girl.

13. Order or bake a cake

A surefire way to offer your hand and heart to a sweet tooth. A beautiful cake with important words written on it will surely be the most delicious in her life. So order. Better yet, cook it yourself.

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14. Propose on your birthday

Give her a nice big box. Inside, the girl will see another one, then another and another. In the end, your beloved will get to the coveted ring. It will be the main gift.

15. Build a thematic playlist

Make a selection of songs that your girlfriend likes. When she gets to the last track, she will hear your offer.

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16. Invite her for coffee

Write your proposal with a marker on the bottom of the white circle. When the girl finishes her coffee, she will see the inscription and will certainly not be able to refuse. If the coffee was delicious, of course.

How to propose to a girl: Invite her for coffee
How to propose to a girl: Invite her for coffee

17. Organize a picnic

Purchase flowers, food and wine, and ask your friends to help with the surprise. Bring the girl when everything is ready and say the cherished words. Just let it happen in private. It's better to thank your friends later.

18. Present origami

Make a paper crane, butterfly, or rose. Hand the gift to the girl and invite her to unfold the paper. Inside, the girl will find a marriage proposal.

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19. Take a walk

Think over the necessary route, invite the girl for a walk and record your movements on the maps in your smartphone. When you find yourself at the last point, show her the map. The main words will be there.

How to propose to a girl: Take a walk
How to propose to a girl: Take a walk

20. Act out a scene from her favorite movie

What girl doesn't dream of being the heroine of her favorite romantic movie? Recreate one of the most striking scenes (for example, order a white limousine, as in "Pretty Woman"), and at the end make an offer.

21. Print the offer on the bottles

For this, bottles of cola, juice, wine and even ketchup are suitable. Stick labels on them with the words you want, put them in the refrigerator in the correct order, and then ask the girl to bring something tasty.

22. Come up with a quest

Create a route from places that mean something to both of you, and guide her along the route by sending hint messages. When the girl is at the last point, she will meet you, and you will say the main words.

23. Bake fortune cookies

If she likes sweets, then this is a win-win way. Make small cookies and put your message notes inside. When you meet, invite her to find out what awaits her next.

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24. Take a trip

When you find yourself where she has long dreamed of visiting, make an offer. Just think ahead and book a table at a nearby restaurant to celebrate an important event with a romantic dinner.

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