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10 shark movies that will delight or scare you
10 shark movies that will delight or scare you

From the famous "Jaws" to the absurd "Shark Tornado".

10 movies that will make you fall in love with sharks or give you goosebumps
10 movies that will make you fall in love with sharks or give you goosebumps

The best feature films about sharks

1. Open sea

  • USA, 2003.
  • Drama, thriller, horror.
  • Duration: 79 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5, 7.

The young couple book places on a boat for diving enthusiasts and go swimming among the reefs. The trip ends in tears: they forget to pick up a couple, and now the heroes need to survive in the middle of the open ocean.

The film reflects a real case that occurred in Australia in 1998 with the spouses Tom and Eileen Lonergan. True, at that time the bodies were never found, so the tape offers its own interpretation of how the events could develop. Sharks appeared in history, although there is no direct evidence that they attacked Lonergan in reality.

The most interesting thing is that real predators were filmed in the film, and so that no one from the film crew was accidentally injured, the sharks were constantly fed with fish.

2. Deep blue sea

  • USA, Australia, 1999.
  • Science fiction, thriller, horror.
  • Duration: 105 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5, 8.
Shark Films: The Deep Blue Sea
Shark Films: The Deep Blue Sea

Scientists aboard the underwater laboratory are experimenting with sharks to create a cure for Alzheimer's disease. But in the course of experiments, predators become very smart and immediately decide to attack people.

The plot cannot be called original, and the animatronic sharks no longer look as impressive as they did more than 20 years ago, when the film was just released. But still, Rennie Harlin's tape is still quite capable of entertaining.

3. Shallow

  • USA, 2016.
  • Drama, thriller, horror.
  • Duration: 87 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6, 3.

Student Nancy travels to the Mexican wilderness to surf a secluded cove. But the situation suddenly becomes dangerous: a huge shark swims nearby, which is not averse to refreshing.

The film directed by Anthony Jasminski, a fan of Spielberg's Jaws, can be safely recommended to anyone who loves the "one-man movie" or for some reason wants to watch the female version of "127 Hours". The tape reliably holds the viewer's attention, despite the intimacy, and Blake Lively plays quite well here and also looks great in a swimsuit.

4. Soul surfer

  • USA, 2011.
  • Biographical drama.
  • Duration: 112 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7, 0.

Young Bethany has been surfing since childhood, but when the girl was only 13 years old, during the next lesson, a shark attacked her and bit off her hand on the shoulder. The tragedy did not break the heroine: the girl decides to stand on the board again, although it will cost her incredible moral and physical labor.

Soul Surfer is based on the autobiography of American Bethany Hamilton, played by Bridge to Terabithia star Anna-Sophia Robb. Moreover, the delicate appearance of the actress contrasts very emotionally with the violent events on the screen.

5. Kon-Tiki

  • Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, 2012.
  • Drama, adventure, historical film.
  • Duration: 109 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7, 2.
Shark Films: "Kon-Tiki"
Shark Films: "Kon-Tiki"

The film is based on the true story of the Norwegian archaeologist and traveler Thor Heyerdahl, who, together with his companions on a small raft, was able to cross the Pacific Ocean.

The picture is impressive in marine photography, especially in the scenes of collisions with sharks, where the predators are shown to be extremely frightening and at the same time very realistic.

6. Aquatic life

  • USA, 2004.
  • Drama, comedy, adventure.
  • Duration: 119 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7, 3.

Oceanographer Steve Zissou became a laughingstock after he claimed that his old friend was eaten by a huge shark. Everyone believes that the old man invented this story, but Zissu still intends to go in pursuit of the predator and take revenge.

The parody version of "Moby Dick" directed by Wes Anderson is unlikely to make you laugh until you drop, but there is something to smile about. And the outlandish fauna of the underwater world looks just amazing thanks to stop-motion-animation.

7. Jaws

  • USA, 1975.
  • Horror, thriller.
  • Duration: 124 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8, 0.

Police Chief Martin Brody discovers the remains of a girl on the shore, torn apart by a huge white shark. The number of victims is growing every day, but the mayor of the city refuses to close the beaches. Then the sheriff teams up with a shark hunter and oceanographer. Together they want to catch the killer.

Steven Spielberg's work is still considered the best shark feature film in the history of cinema and at the same time one of the most terrifying horror films. And even despite the fact that about 45 years have passed since the creation of "Jaws", what is happening on the screen is still shivering thanks to the competent cinematography and directorial work.

The best shark documentaries

1. Sharks

  • Canada, 2006.
  • Documentary.
  • Duration: 89 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8, 0.

After the success of Jaws, sharks became famous as killers and pests. Therefore, it will be useful for everyone to see Rob Stewart's documentary: it exposes many myths about these predators. In addition to useful information, viewers will also find wonderful underwater footage that will fascinate you with its beauty.

2. Mission Blue

  • USA, Bermuda, Ecuador, 2014.
  • Documentary.
  • Duration: 95 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8, 0.

The protagonist of this colorful, Emmy-winning documentary is world renowned oceanographer and living legend Sylvia Earl. The researcher invites viewers to learn more about the amazing whale sharks. After the film, it will be difficult to think of these animals as merciless creatures just waiting to attack people for no reason.

Bonus: worst shark movie ever

Shark tornado

  • USA, 2013.
  • The film is a disaster, horror.
  • Duration: 86 minutes.
  • IMDb: 3, 3.

A storm that has raided California brings with it an unprecedented anomaly - a shark tornado. The only one who can save the situation is former surfer Fin Shepard.

For the emergence of "Shark Tornado" viewers owe the studio Asylum, forging popular cinema. Initially, the picture did not pretend to anything at all, but suddenly grew into a whole cultural phenomenon and became a typical film of the category "so bad that it is even good." The creators managed to make the script so crazy that it even causes admiration, and in combination with the crooked editing and terrible special effects, the impressions are simply unforgettable.

Moreover, the studio decided not to stop there and began to shoot numerous sequels. As a result, there were as many as six "Shark Tornadoes", and fans of the franchise are ready to revisit them endlessly.

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