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6 events that everyone was waiting for, but they never happened
6 events that everyone was waiting for, but they never happened

People built bunkers in case of the end of the world, imagined meeting their own clone and eager to meet aliens. We remembered what expectations of mankind excited the whole world, but never came true.

6 events that everyone was waiting for, but they never happened
6 events that everyone was waiting for, but they never happened

Mayan end of the world

The likelihood of a catastrophe on a planetary scale on December 21, 2012 was not discussed unless the lazy one. Concerns were associated with the end of the Mayan calendar. There have been several theories about what will happen on the target date. Some believed that the inhabitants of the Earth would experience a global physical and spiritual transformation. Others expected a catastrophe and the death of all living things. Still others believed in a threat from space and said that the mythical planet Nibiru, inhabited by living beings, was flying at us. A version of a burst of solar activity of colossal power was also discussed.

While the Sun was performing its thermonuclear reactions on a daily basis, people showed anomalous activity. Those who were especially worried about their lives built bunkers and stocked up on provisions. Inhabitants of the Chinese province of Sichuan massively candles, in Russia, canned food and matches were swept from store shelves, and the authorities of the French department of Languedoc-Roussillon were preparing for an influx of people to Mount Byugarache in the Pyrenees: according to rumors, all those who gathered at the peak were to be saved by aliens.

But on the designated day, the apocalypse did not happen, and soon everyone forgot about the Mayan calendar and its prophecies.

Disappearance of Arctic ice by September 2016

Melting ice
Melting ice

University of Cambridge professor Peter Wadems has repeatedly predicted the complete melting of ice in the Arctic. He made his first forecast in 2007, when the amount of ice decreased by 27% over the year. Wedems assumed that the Arctic cover would completely melt by 2013, but this did not happen. In addition, it turned out that the ice area has increased by 25% in six years.

Wedems was not taken aback and the date of the melting of the glaciers for three years. Fortunately, this prophecy did not come true either. In October 2016, it became known that the ice in the Arctic is 31% more than in 2012. This is data from the National Center for the Study of Snow and Ice in the United States.

Making an artificial black hole

In 2015, scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider announced experiments to create small black holes. Much has appeared in the media on this topic, and the rich imagination of the inhabitants immediately drew monstrous pictures of the absorption of the Earth by a gloomy abyss.

In reality, everything turned out to be not so scary. The discovery could turn our knowledge of physics upside down. The fact is that to create even microscopic black holes, it is required that space exists not in three dimensions, as in current quantum physics, but in 11. This is described by string theory, which goes beyond the Standard Model and still remains popular, but still theory. If the experiment were successful, the black hole would have lived for only 10−33 seconds. This is so small that scientists would not be able to fix it. And they would prove the fact of the appearance of a black hole with circumstantial evidence - left traces. But this did not have to be done: the experiment failed.

Development of mass space tourism

Dreams of space travel have always turned the heads of futurists, scientists and ambitious entrepreneurs. The first serious steps in this direction were made in 1986 after the "Probable economic consequences of the development of space tourism", which was presented at the International Astronautics Congress. In the same year, the first flight of a space tourist could take place. The American teacher Christy McAuliffe was going to become her. But when the shuttle Challenger was launched, the woman died. The tragic incident significantly slowed down the development of space tourism.

Nevertheless, it is possible to get into orbit. Now the final point of the route is the Russian segment of the ISS. The flights are carried out by the Soyuz spacecraft. In 2001, Dennis Tito, an American entrepreneur and multimillionaire, became the first space tourist. He had been preparing for this historic event for 8 months - he even mastered the basics of spacecraft control and learned how to manually dock it with the station in case of automation failure. Dennis Tito spent almost 8 days on the ISS, orbited the Earth 128 times and paid $ 20 million for this.

Now the cost of the space tour ranges from $ 30 million to $ 40 million. For spacewalks, you will have to pay another 3 million. Considering the sky-high price and the complexity of preparing for the flight, this business will not be on stream soon.

Human cloning

Human cloning
Human cloning

The first successful experience of cloning a mammal - Dolly the sheep - lit a spark in the eyes of scientists and the public. Many then started talking about human cloning, debates about ethics broke out, religious protests sounded. Meanwhile, the Brazilians shot a 250-episode melodrama, describing what the clone, its creator and society as a whole would have to go through.

At the moment, human cloning is prohibited throughout the world and entails criminal liability. Moreover, this method of reproduction has already been tested on fish, frogs, cows, horses, mice, dogs and other living creatures. In 2018, Chinese scientists pioneered monkeys in the same way as Dolly. But human cloning is still a long way off.

Assault on "Zone 51"

Area 51 is a military base in the southern United States, in the state of Nevada. For many years, it has attracted interest from conspiracy theorists and ufologists, who believe that it is there that evidence of the existence of aliens is stored. And maybe even the aliens themselves live. Until 2013, "Area 51" was classified, but with the development of satellite technology, it became impossible to hide an object with an area of 100 square kilometers. The purpose of the base has not yet been disclosed, which only fuels speculation about the presence of extraterrestrial life there.

They were going to storm Area 51 on September 20, 2019. It all started with a joke on Facebook. Californian Mattie Roberts has planned an action called "Assault on Area 51". They cannot stop all of us. " The idea was that a huge crowd should break into the base, and then the military would have no chance of resistance. People had to run in the style of "Naruto": head first, with their arms outstretched behind their backs. Such a situation would allow attack aircraft to move faster than military bullets. Sounds funny and ridiculous. Nevertheless, the news went viral and more than 2 million people put the mark "I'm going". The organizers did not expect such a resonance from a simple joke and rushed to write a refutation on the social network. They also said that they would absolve themselves of responsibility if someone decides to break into the base.

As a result, on the appointed day, there are only 75 brave souls at the gates of Zone 51. They wore funny costumes and held posters asking for the release of the aliens. Only one girl tried to penetrate the military facility. She was quickly detained. I must say that a large music festival dedicated to the assault was held nearby. And so he gathered about two thousand people. Many of them dressed up as aliens and amused themselves peacefully.

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