12 phrases - alarm calls during an interview
12 phrases - alarm calls during an interview

Sometimes even a good salary isn't worth it.

12 phrases at an interview, after which you can immediately leave: a selection from netizens
12 phrases at an interview, after which you can immediately leave: a selection from netizens

A new interesting one has appeared on Reddit. In it, users tell what details during the interview clearly hint that the offer should be turned down. Collected a selection of phrases that should alert you.

1 … "You don't have to work overtime, but a lot of employees stay late at work." Spoiler alert: rework is actually a must. -

2 … “The boss doesn’t like it when employees leave the building for lunch because he’s afraid that they will not return, so it’s better to take food with you.” -

3 … "There are many candidates for this position, so consider yourself lucky." -

4 … "You don't have to read: this is a model contract, just sign here and here." -

5 … “To work, you need to wear a uniform with the company logo. You need to buy it at your own expense. The same company. " -

6 … "We don't need those who just sit in the office from 9 to 5, you have to be interested in the work." This roughly translates to "We expect you to recycle regularly without requiring a co-payment." -

7 … "We are not employees, we are one big family." Usually these are the same recruiters who do their best to avoid naming a specific salary. -

8 … "For 2 years, 8 people have changed in this position." The offer sounded tempting, but I would never believe that so many people in a row turned out to be incredibly lazy. -

9 … "You don't have to talk about pay with others." This is illegal and clearly indicates that the company does not pay for skills. -

10 … "Private phones are prohibited in the office, which hinders productivity." -

11 … "It's not an easy job, but the pay is appropriate." In other words, get ready to work 60+ hours a week, leave the office at night, and make work the center of your life. By the way, the surcharge will almost certainly not match the load. -

12 … "Yes, we are constantly looking for new employees." -

Have you noticed these alarm bells during interviews? Share your experience in the comments!

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