18 unusual vehicles from museums around the world
18 unusual vehicles from museums around the world

Experimental vehicles, visions of the future, and animals carrying babies and loads.

18 unusual vehicles from museums around the world
18 unusual vehicles from museums around the world

The Yorkshire Museum continues to tweet curator battles in which it encourages museum representatives from around the world to share exhibits on a given topic. This week's theme is "awesome transport" (can also be translated as "giant transport", which was used by some participants). Traditionally, challenge authors started first.


Today's theme is #TremendousTransport! ?

We’re starting as we mean to go on - with a Victory! This cute #Roman carnelian intaglio is carved with the winged goddess of Victory personified riding a two-horsed chariot (100-200 AD).

Other curators also pulled up. Collected the most unusual and interesting.

We’re coo-ing back to the 20th C with our #TremendousTransport!? ️

Turns out that pigeons fly much faster than traffic so wore these tiny backpacks to carry blood samples from Plymouth Hospital?



Created: Pazyryk culture. V-IV centuries. BC.


Created: Pazyryk Culture. 5th - 4th century BC

Behold the humble collections trolley.

Mover of objects and archives alike.

Never wavering nor complaining.

#TremendousTransport? How about ‘Arion riding on a Dolphin’ c. 1510, by Francesco Bianchi Ferrari?

Do you a want vehicle that can do 0-60 never?

Look no further than our Sedan Chair, the ultimate way to get around York.

What better way to travel around than with Mum! Here’s our Short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica) carrying her 12 youngsters. YES 12! #NatureDoesItBest

#TremendousTransport you say…. how about a 27m long ship so you arrive in the afterlife in style ?? The biggest of only 3 known Anglo-Saxon ship burials, repairs tell us that this ship had a life out on the water? before burial. #CURATORBATTLE

Carefully: trypophobia!

In #Sheffield we do Pimp My Ride with trams instead of cars ??? # TremendousTransport #CuratorBattle #PimpMyRide

There is #TremendousTransport of online shopping packages these days!

And one more option from the Hermitage:


10-seater sleigh

Russia, St. Petersburg, 1797

Ten-seat sledge

Russia, 1797

Wheelin 'out from our collections a matchstick caravan made by a prisoner (prison & date unknown).

This is a traditional prison pastime using materials available to them.

Is it a bird? ?

Is it a plane? ✈️

No it’s two men, floating in baskets above Southampton in "1980" !! ??

[To the ‘Birdplane’ melody] I’m more than a ship … I’m more than a cart … I’m a ship-cart …

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