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20 life hacks every girl should know for the perfect hairstyle
20 life hacks every girl should know for the perfect hairstyle

Tame unruly hair, add volume and chic curls.

20 life hacks every girl should know for the perfect hairstyle
20 life hacks every girl should know for the perfect hairstyle

How to make permanent styling

1. When curling your hair with a curling iron or styler, start from the middle of the section, not from the end. This will make the styling last longer and look more relaxed.

2. If your hair is difficult to curl, use aluminum foil and an iron to create super long-lasting curls.

Twist the strand with a tourniquet, roll it into a roll and wrap it with a piece of foil. Then warm up with a hot hair iron and straighten. Remember to use a thermal protection spray before laying.

3. If you have straight, heavy hair that does not hold high hairstyles, use spiral hairpins instead of regular ones. They are literally screwed into the strands and securely fix them.

4. Try replacing your hairspray with tea. If you moisten the strands with a tea solution before curling (2 teaspoons of tea leaves in a glass of boiling water or 1 tea bag for 50 milliliters of boiling water), the curls will last much longer.

How to add volume to your hairstyle

1. Visually increase the length and volume of hair will allow the trick with a double ponytail. Curl the strands slightly with an iron or styler and gather them in two ponytails on top of each other. Fluff your hair a little. You will get a beautiful hairstyle, fluffy and flowing at the same time.

2. To quickly make a voluminous tail, use a small "crab". Gather your hair, separate and lift the top strand, pin a hairpin at the base of the ponytail, closer to the elastic, lower and straighten your hair. The "crab" hidden inside will visually make the tail more luxuriant.

3. Sunglasses or a loose hoop will also help to make the hairstyle more voluminous. Comb your towel-dried hair back, put the glasses on the crown of your head and slide them forward a little so that the strands rise at the roots. After drying, the hairstyle will look fuller, and the strands near the face will form beautiful natural waves.

4. To make the hair appear thicker, you can tint the partings a little with eye shadows close in shade to your color.

How to achieve beautiful curls

1. You can quickly make neat spiral curls using an iron. Pinch the strand and begin to slowly run the device through the hair, while simultaneously turning it towards you.


2. This simple Greek style hairstyle not only looks great in any setting, but also helps to create soft curls without harming the hair.

To make it, you need a hoop elastic. Put it on your head, over your hair, and wrap the strands around the elastic. First, take the sections at the temples and work towards the back of the head until all the hair is wrapped around the hoop. Now you can go about your business or just go to bed. After removing the hoop after a few hours, you will see waves or curls in the mirror, depending on the length and texture of the hair.

3. Here's another way to get soft natural waves. Braid your hair into several braids of varying thickness and iron over it. The thicker the braids, the larger the waves. And vice versa. And if you go to bed with your hair braided, you can do without an iron.

4. And this is a recipe for curls for the lazy: no ironing and curling iron. Divide your hair into wide strands, roll each into a small bun and secure it to your head with a soft elastic band. Walk like this for several hours or go to bed. And in the morning, remove the elastic bands, part your hair with your fingers and enjoy the beautiful curls.

5. Twist the strand in different ways to get the kind of curl you want. Like in the video below.

How to tame unruly hair

1. If you have curly, frizzy, unruly hair, try not to rub it after washing. Apply the towel gently, blotting out the water with gentle strokes.

2. Regrown bangs all the time climb into your eyes? Here are a couple of ideas on how to get her out of her face without headbands and hairpins. You can braid your bangs into a French braid.

3. Or you can roll it up with a tourniquet. And then fix it behind the ear with an invisible one.

4. A toothbrush will make your hairstyle more neat. Spray some styling product on it and smooth down any protruding hairs.

5. An unusual hair accessory will turn out from invisibles. Take three hairpins in a contrasting color with your hair and secure them so that you get a triangle.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, you need to pin the invisibility with the wavy side down.

6. Temporary bangs can be created using a regular ponytail. Gather the hair at the top of your head, twist it into a loose bun, and leave the tip hanging free over your forehead, as if it were a careless bang.

7. Brilliant idea: a quick and beautiful braid headband. To do is easier than easy, but it looks gorgeous. Separate a strand at the temple, braid it into a thin pigtail and secure it at the opposite ear. Ready!

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