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11 stylish and easy hairstyles for medium hair
11 stylish and easy hairstyles for medium hair

Inspirational ideas and video tutorials for those who think their hair is not long enough for hairstyles.

11 stylish and easy hairstyles for medium hair
11 stylish and easy hairstyles for medium hair

Average hairdressers call hair, the length of which is from 15 to 25 centimeters, that is, when the ends are somewhere between the chin and shoulders.

1. An elegant shell

Such a laconic, modest image is created in five minutes. Ideal for work or study.

First option. Make a ponytail at the back of your head and pull the elastic down a little. Tuck the tail in from the side as shown in the video. Secure the shell with hairpins.

Second option. Make two tails: one at the top of the head and one at the back of the head. Tuck the lower tail inward upward, and the upper tail inwardly downward. Then lift the lower, smaller shell to the upper one and secure everything with pins.

2. A bezel made of harnesses

Part the hair at the temples. Twist them into tight bundles and secure them with invisible ones at the back of the head. The remaining hair can be left straight, curled, or pulled back into a low ponytail.

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3. Braids plus curls

Braids are a type of braids. It is important to make braids from the side, creating the effect of a shaved temple. On the second side, do fleece or, as in this case, light curling. The result is a vibrant punk look.

Make an asymmetrical parting, separate the temporal zone and weave two or three French braids there. Secure them with silicone rubber bands. Wrap the remaining hair on an iron or curling iron. Break the curls with your fingers and fix with varnish.

4. Mohawk from a spikelet

Dragon hairstyles do not go out of fashion either. You can make yourself a mohawk using weaving. This hairstyle is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Part the hair in the frontal-parietal area and braid with a tight spikelet. It is important to start braiding straight from the forehead. Fix the tip with an elastic band. The remaining hair can be left loose or pulled into a high ponytail.

You can weave two dragons, separating them with a parting and releasing several loose strands.

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5. Mohawk made of rubber bands

A mohawk option for those who can't weave braids and who like fully pulled hair. It looks very stylish and, depending on the makeup and outfit, suits completely different occasions.

You will need clamps and lots of silicone rubber bands. Part the hair at the parietal front. Make the first tail at the very forehead, fix with an elastic band. Behind it, make a second tail, grabbing a small strand from the right and left temporal zones.

Divide the first ponytail in two, place the second in between and lock it temporarily. Then make a third ponytail, also grabbing the strands on the sides. Pass the second tail into the third.

Continue all the way to the back of your head. Fix the tip with an elastic band, and slightly pull the strands in the resulting braid.

6. Volumetric braid

In the same technique, you can make a volumetric braid. Unlike conventional weaving, length is not needed: it will turn out spectacularly, even if you have an elongated or asymmetrical bob.

Create root volume at the back of your head. Separate one strand of strands on both sides and gather them in a ponytail at the back of the head. Take another strand on the left and right and reconnect them into the tail so that it is under the first. Divide the bottom ponytail in two and thread the top ponytail through it. Repeat to the end of the head.

7. Volumetric beam

A hairstyle that combines simplicity and elegance. Can be done on a fairly short square.

Curl your hair in a way that suits you. Part the hair at the crown and temples. Divide the curls at the back of the head into two parts. Fix the upper temporarily with a clip, and comb the lower one.

Attach the donut and cover it with the top of the hair at the back of the head, fix. Separate a few strands at the temples and attach them to the donut.

Do the same with the hair from the crown. At the end, pick up the bottom strands of the donut.

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8. Three tails

A casual hairstyle that can be easily transformed into a festive hairstyle when decorated with artificial flowers or a decorative comb.

Brush the top of your head and gather the top of your hair into a ponytail there. Secure with a transparent rubber band. Make the next tail on the back of the head. Turn it out. For greater reliability, secure with a hairpin.

Comb both tails and make a third at the very bottom of the nape to expose the neck.

9. "Waterfall"

This weave with free flowing strands creates a very delicate romantic look. The braid waterfall can be run around the entire head, like a rim, or only on the sides.

Take three thin strands from the face and cross them first, as in a regular braid. Then release the bottom strand and replace it with a new one. This strand will go up. Continue to weave new strands in this way until the waterfall reaches the length you want.

10. Boho hairstyle

This hairstyle has everything: a French twist, a Russian braid and Hollywood curls.

Create voluminous curls. Gather the hair at the back of the head and twist it, or simply lift it up, securing it with a beautiful hairpin.

Weave along the sides in a three-strand braid. Pull strands out of each and secure at the back of the head. Do not remove the curls from the face.

11. Hairstyle in the Greek style

Curl the ends of your hair, comb at the back of your head and cover the fleece with strands from the top of the head. Fix it with invisible ones.

Take one strand from the left and right temporal zones and pin them with hairpins to the fleece. Also collect, lay beautifully in the center of the back of the head and fix the lower strands. You should get something like a volumetric beam.

Twist the strands remaining on the face into loose bundles, take them back and fix.

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