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Why wrinkles appear and how to get rid of them
Why wrinkles appear and how to get rid of them

Homemade masks probably won't work. With wrinkles, you will have to wage a real war.

Why wrinkles appear and how to get rid of them
Why wrinkles appear and how to get rid of them

Are wrinkles the norm?

Yes, wrinkles are common in healthy skin. These are folds and grooves that appear as the skin loses its elasticity and strength over time.

However, even newborns have folds in the area of the joints, where arms and legs bend and unbend, and "dressings" - where they have too much subcutaneous fat.

Where do they appear?

Wrinkles do not appear suddenly and all at once, except in the form of exceptions like systemic diseases, when a mass of cells suddenly accumulates in the skin. Therefore, it is easy to predict where wrinkles will appear:

  • Areas where muscles are most likely to contract. For example, if you frown or smile, wrinkles appear around your eyes and on your forehead.
  • Places that are most often exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The sun, which gives us a tan, contributes to the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Places where skin is thin. There, she simply loses collagen (a protein that is responsible for strength and elasticity) the fastest.

What affects the appearance of wrinkles?

First of all, this is an age that does not spare anyone.

Secondly, wrinkles are the result of ultraviolet radiation. The sun also colors them, changing the structure of collagen. And the lighter the skin tone, the more it is prone to sun wrinkles.

And the third main enemy of smooth skin is cigarettes (this is another reason to quit smoking and even vaping).

When is it time to treat wrinkles?

Since wrinkles do not affect health in general, but only aesthetics, it all depends on the state of the wallet and personal outlook on beauty. Of course, it is always easier to engage in prevention, since wrinkles are unlikely to become fashionable in the near future. Moles, unnatural whiteness of the skin, tan and shine were at their peak, but wrinkles were never the envy of.

How to get rid of them?

All wrinkle treatments are cosmetic procedures. Even if we are talking about surgery, then this is plastic not for health reasons. Such manipulations do not radically change anything in the patient's condition, but can improve well-being. And as we remember, health is not only physical, but also mental well-being, which is influenced by the reflection in the mirror.

Cosmetic treatments that treat wrinkles can be grouped something like this:

1. Paralysis of the superficial muscles of the face. This is Botox and everything that looks like it. There is such a dangerous bacterium - botulinum clostridium. Her toxin (i.e. the poison she secretes) causes paralysis. And if, for example, you eat a can of canned food infected with botulism, you can die of paralysis of the respiratory muscles. But humanity has learned to use this effect to its advantage.

Enterprising researchers have purified and weakened the toxin so that it can be injected into the spastic and superficial muscles of the face. Due to the action of the toxin, they are paralyzed for two to three months, depending on the dose and characteristics of the organism. As a result, those wrinkles that have appeared due to muscle movements are smoothed out. The risks of taking Botox are headaches and flu-like symptoms.

2. Filling the grooves. There are many drugs that can be injected into deep wrinkle cavities to smooth out the inside. For example, the same hyaluronic acid, which is now used for filling wrinkles, and for lip augmentation, and for correcting the shape of the face.

There is a huge list of fillers approved for use by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration), ranging from the patient's own fat cells (pumped out in one place, pumped in another), collagen (and a lot of drugs based on it), lactic acid, hydroxyapatite, as well as their various combinations. Do not forget about silicone and mineral oils, which, although they are becoming a thing of the past due to their insecurity, are still popular.

3. Changes in collagen through invasive destructive procedures or medical means. There are procedures that are supposed to improve the quality of collagen in the skin and change its appearance. The use of lasers, chemical peels, dermabrasion remove dead cells and encourage fibroblasts to produce more collagen to remove fine wrinkles. True, these same procedures can cause serious damage - chemical burns - or leave a scar, so choose better. For this, ultrasound and low-frequency devices are used.

4. Surgical removal of excess skin. This procedure belongs to plastic surgery and is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. The result depends on the skill of the surgeon and can be impressive.

Some procedures are as simple as applying a cream to the surface of the skin (although this does not always work: studies show that most homemade anti-wrinkle creams are just a marketing ploy). Others are serious interventions that require anesthesia. What exactly will help in each specific case depends on the type of skin, the depth of wrinkles and on the cost, of course.

What exactly to use and how, the cosmetologist must decide. Much depends on what drug the clinic or salon uses, how much you are willing to pay and how much you are willing to take the risk. Most injectable rejuvenation methods require constant repetition, because fillers dissolve under the skin and it returns to its original state (if we are lucky, and if not, we observe terrible side effects and disfigured faces).

What to do to reduce wrinkles?

There are not so many ways to avoid the appearance of wrinkles. For example, you can always walk with a stone face so as not to provoke the appearance of mimic wrinkles (well, at least not to frown).

We must not forget that whatever one may say, genetics will influence the quality of the skin.

On the other hand, we can reduce the harmful factors that damage and damage our skin. This is, of course, the sun and smoking. Therefore, you should always carry UV protection cream with you and never carry cigarettes with you.

Tanning has come into fashion relatively recently, and there is an opinion that it is time to take it out of this fashion - in the end, skin health is dearer to us. A light tan, obtained naturally or on the beach, but with sunscreen, may well fill the need for vitamin D (especially if you eat a fatty fish), and only hyaluronic acid (or something similar) will fill wrinkles.

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