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How to properly wash and dry your sneakers
How to properly wash and dry your sneakers

High-quality sneakers are not only washable, but also needs to be washed. Of course, in order not to spoil your favorite shoes, you have to follow certain rules.

How to properly wash and dry your sneakers
How to properly wash and dry your sneakers

How to machine wash sneakers

It is better to wash sneakers in a washing machine in special mesh bags or in an old pillowcase. Choose a special mode for sports shoes, if you have one, or hand or delicate wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. This will prevent the sneakers from deforming or fading. Remember to turn off the spin and tumble dry option.

Before putting your shoes in the car, be sure to wash the outsole and remove any small debris that might get stuck in the treads. Otherwise, the washing machine could be damaged.

Another very important rule: do not forget to remove the sensors from the sneakers before washing, if any.

To keep your sneakers from banging on the drum as little as possible, place a few towels or old items with them. This will protect your shoes from unnecessary damage, and you do not have to listen to the knocking.

Don't add too much detergent, no matter how dirty your sneakers are. Excess powder may not rub off and leave stains. This is especially noticeable on white sneakers.

How to hand wash sneakers

If the shoes are new and expensive enough and you are afraid to ruin them, hand washing is your option. This is done in warm soapy water with a soft brush. Take out insoles and laces and wash separately.

Examine the information on the label. It should indicate what fabric your sneakers are made of and if they can be washed.

It is not recommended to wash leather and suede sneakers. To clean them of dirt, use an old toothbrush, a damp cloth, or special cleaning products available from shoe stores.

How to disinfect shoes

To disinfect your sneakers, add a few drops of pine, fir, tea tree, eucalyptus, thyme, juniper or sage essential oil to the water when washing. All of these oils have antibacterial properties. Well, sneakers will smell nicer with them.

How to dry your sneakers

Running shoes can deform in the dryer. And due to high temperatures, the glue on which the sole rests can melt, so you cannot dry shoes on a radiator or near a heater.

Ideally, you should leave your sneakers outdoors, but you don't always have time for that. To dry your sneakers quickly, use several proven methods. Just remember to take out the insoles first: they are dried separately.

1. Fan

Take an ordinary fan with a mesh, make two small hooks from the available tools (wire or large paper clips will do) and hang the sneakers on the mesh by these hooks. Dry for 1-2 hours on medium to high speed.

Simply placing wet shoes in front of the fan will take longer to dry.

2. Air conditioner

Place your sneakers under an air conditioner to get the blown air out. This will also help the shoe dry faster.

3. Vacuum cleaner

It will not dry out completely, but it will help draw out moisture from the inside. Put your shoes in a bucket, basin or other convenient container, remove the attachment, insert the tube into the sneaker and turn on the vacuum cleaner. Dry each shoe for 15-20 minutes.

4. Hair dryer

You need to be careful with a hairdryer. Do not dry with hot air: this may melt the fabric inside. It is better to choose a cold mode and dry your shoes by placing them on the floor. Never leave a hair dryer inside the sneaker.

5. Newspaper

The good old way with the newspaper has not been canceled, only this will be the longest option. Take a few newspapers, wrinkle and stuff them in your sneakers. After an hour, check the paper: if it is completely wet, replace it with a dry one.

6. Silica gel

It works the same way as newspapers: it absorbs moisture. Simply put bags of silica gel beads in your wet sneakers and let sit for a couple of hours. Then don't forget to dry the balls on the battery to reuse.

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