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What is body massage and how to do it right
What is body massage and how to do it right

Get ready to work your chest and hips.

What is body massage and how to do it right
What is body massage and how to do it right

Translated from English, body means "body". Body massage is a type of massage in which a “specialist” kneads the “client” not only with his hands, but also with his whole body, leaning on his chest, hips, stomach, face.

This technique is one of the simplest types of erotic massage. It is enough to follow seven simple rules for both parties to get maximum pleasure from this procedure. Perhaps an impressive orgasm.

1. Set up a suitable place

A massage table and even a bed are not suitable for body massage. Since this technique requires full body contact and the use of special oils, it requires a location that meets three important conditions.

  • Stability and safety. In simple words: find a place from which, even after playing, you both cannot fall.
  • Spaciousness.
  • The ability to not worry about smearing the surface with oil.

Ideally, sit on the floor (or a low, wide mattress) with something soft, such as yoga mats or rugs.

2. Create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere

This is an essential element of any massage. In order for the masseur to effectively warm up, work out all the muscles, it is necessary that the partner relaxes as much as possible. And in the case of an erotic game, the atmosphere, that is, the feeling of comfort and safety, is doubly important - after all, both participants must listen to their feelings, surrender to them, without being distracted by extraneous stimuli.

So do it like this:

  • turn off phones, TV;
  • close the doors so that no one will disturb you for sure;
  • if it's a bright day outside, cover the window with blinds or blackout curtains;
  • turn on dim lights, ideal lighting is candles;
  • create an atmosphere of comfort in the room - place soft chairs and ottomans on the floor, disguise the furniture with a fluffy blanket;
  • light the aroma lamp if desired;
  • play a soothing, relaxing melody, or if you don’t know which one, search for “massage and spa music”.

3. Prepare massage oil

It will facilitate the sliding of bodies and make the massage easier and more energizing. A suitable massage lubricant (called erotic massage oil) can be purchased at a sex shop. Please note that a product from a regular supermarket will not work: the oil will come into contact with the external genitals and, if it is not created for this purpose, may cause irritation.

You shouldn't use massage oil as a lubricant for sex. There are lubricants for this.

A relatively safe option is to prepare the oil yourself. Coconut Coconut Oil For Sex is best suited, to which you can literally add a drop of energizing essential oils: pink, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, neroli, jasmine. This mixture will not harm the genitals, but be careful not to get it inside the body.

Don't make the mistake of using cold oil - it will seem annoying and unpleasant to your partner. How To Give A Massage That Will Have Your Partner Begging For More.

Rachel Beider masseur and aromatherapist, for online edition Refinery29

Therefore, before applying the product to the body, warm the bottle (for example, by placing it in a container with warm water) or rub the oil in your hands.

4. Be prepared to switch roles

More often a woman performs a body massage. The man, on the other hand, lies and enjoys relaxation and intimate pleasures.

But this is not an ironclad rule: a partner can also act as a massage therapist. In any case, the pleasure will be experienced by both parties.

5. Start with foreplay

Starting position for body massage: one of the participants lies comfortably on their stomach. The second generously applies warm oil on the palms and with gentle but strong strokes kneads the partner's body - starting with the shoulders and back and ending with the feet. Particular attention should be paid to the buttocks: stimulation of this area will increase blood circulation in the pelvis and contribute to arousal.

Foreplay will help warm up and relax both parties. Now you can get down to the fun part.

6. Experiment with techniques

Body massage can be done with any part of the body - chest, abdomen, genitals. The main thing is that the contact is tangible.

For example, try this: lower your chest to your partner's lower back, roll it horizontally back and forth, then go up to the shoulder blades, massage them and lower to your knees. Then return to the lower back along the same path.

Or glide over your partner's body from hips to chest with the groin area.

Choose the position and those movements that seem to you as pleasant as possible.

7. Allow yourself to orgasm

If you organize a body massage in accordance with the rules listed above, it will inevitably lead to sexual arousal. You will want to translate the contact of bodies into an even closer, intimate plane. Don't hold yourself back. Orgasm will become a bright exclamation point at the end of an erotic game.

But prepare intimate lubrication and condoms in advance so that the end of the body massage is not only pleasant, but also safe.

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